microblading beauty and safety

Microblading Beauty And Safety In The Right Hands

In the past, permanent makeup was about needles entering the deepest layer of your skin. If you find that painful to imagine, well, that’s because it is. However, with advancing technology and skilled microblading artists, microblading beauty and safety has now reached new heights.

Here are some reasons you should take a microblading course from us:

Our microblading artists are all well-rounded.

At Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM), our staff’s stringent microblading training has you covered. Our hands-on workshops prepare any microblading artist against permanent makeup done wrong, infected microblading, and improper eyebrow corrections.

Even in the early days of their microblading course, our microblading artists incorporate safety and quality in their work. They were tasked to put their skills to the test on real live models. They keep in mind the importance of the right microblading techniques. This is so they’ll have a proper license and plenty of satisfied customers.

Their in-depth microblading training allows them to control their hands while exerting 50 psi of pressure.

Our microblading always uses high technology.

Our state-of-the-art makeup machine assures you that our microblading gives you no bleeding and no bruising. It’s soft to the touch, unique, and provides a very desirable result without you feeling too much pain.

We provide training in using these machines, from the starter kit up to the more complex processes. You won’t even have to concern yourself about which pieces of equipment you should use, because we will provide you with everything you need.

Compared to using outdated blades, our machine promotes faster healing time from the cuts brought about by microblading.

The OPM machine has just the right thin blades, which may be u-shaped, curved, or sloped. These blades glide over thin skin to produce a fine cut and natural strokes. There is minimal tissue loss when using these; thus, they promote primary healing in no time.

Also, the chance of getting infected from our tools is close to zero. Once you become an OPM microblading artist, you’ll know full well how to avoid that.

Aside from your great knowledge takeaway on the microblading course, you will be taught how to take good care of your tools, so that, for a long time, your tools will always be as good as your skills.

Our microblading training is in theory and in actual practice.

You reap what you sow.

At Organic Permanent Makeup Academy, we make sure that you are very confident with your skills once you have graduated, and we believe that your dedication to our microblading course will catapult you to become an efficient microblading artist.

Our 100 to 150 minimum hours of online theory teaching will help you learn about the concepts of artistry, cross-contamination, sanitation, and skin depth.

The minimum 50-100 sheets of drawing on practice sheets will help you slowly adopt the orientation of microblading on an actual person.

Our required 50 exercises of drawing on actual skin, using blades or needles, for mastering the application of pressure and the art of stretching will further boost your level of confidence.

Finally, being supervised by three trainers who have done 100+ procedures will mold you to perfection.

Final words on microblading beauty and safety

In this industry, there are no strict regulations yet. In the future, however, you’ll be thankful when the time comes that policies will get brutal on unqualified microblading artists.

By then, you’ll be enjoying big sums of money from this profession and will do so for as long as you keep on practicing our microblading best practices. Invest your time and dedication in our microblading course now!

This will all be taught to you if you join our microblading course in Organic Permanent Makeup.