microblading brows

Wake Up With Perfect Brows

Arched, thin like the nineties, seriously straight or au naturel – these days, you can do your eyebrows however you like. One day, you might have feathered brows and the next, you could have selfie-ready Instagram brows. The eyebrow has quickly become one of the most important features on the face. From filling your eyebrows in using brow pens and powders to going for eyebrow tattooing, there are endless ways for you to achieve those “on fleek” eyebrow goals. But have you heard of microblading brows? It’s a new and popular method of having naturally defined eyebrows the moment you wake up! That’s right, no more shaping and drawing on your brows. Microblading brows lets you enjoy brows without the effort.

Microblading brows makes use of an organic technique that utilizes a special microblading pen to draw semi-permanent individual hair strokes over the natural brow hairs. The ink touches only the top layers of the skin, which makes the hair strokes look defined yet natural. Microblading brows takes only a few hours to complete, but your microbladed eyebrows will last up to five years. Microblading artists will help you decide which type of brow to go for during the session.

Benefits of microblading brows

1.It cuts the amount of time you spend each morning doing your makeup

Ladies, how much time do you spend each morning doing your makeup? Okay, now how much of that time is spent doing your brows? If you’re like most girls, probably around fifteen to twenty minutes. Makeup takes a LOT of time, and the eyebrows are particularly challenging. To have perfect brows, you need to have proper practice and expertise. Doing your brows can take up a lot of precious time, which sucks if you’re rushing. No boss is going to take “I’m late because I was doing my brows” as an excuse! Microblading brows cuts all that unnecessary time, so you can always be on time for other things!

2.Microbladed eyebrows do not smudge or smear

Waterproof eyebrow pens are cool, but they can be expensive, and they tend to look boxy and unnatural. Despite being “waterproof”, they also tend to smudge, so you have to be extra careful all the time. Microblading brows adds semi-permanent ink to the first layers of the skin. It allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle without worrying about your brows smudging or smearing at the slightest touch.

3. Microblading eyebrows is pretty painless

Needle. Ink. You might be thinking that microblading eyebrows hurts because of those words, but despite feeling like tattooing, all of OPM’s clients have attested that microblading is actually pretty painless. This is because the ink only goes on the superficial layers of the skin.Plus, the microblading artist will use a numbing cream which makes the whole process painless. You’ll only feel a slight sensation on your brows, but that’s pretty much it!

4.Perfect brows for up to five years

By microblading brows, you’ll have brows that will last up to five years. Unlike eyebrow tattooing, where some clients end up having bluish or grayish brows, microblading leaves your brows looking natural and pigmented for years. When it’s time for a retouch, you can change up your look however you like! It’s way better than tattooing, because with tattooing, you’ll be stuck with the same brow shape for the rest of your life. Yikes!

There are many microblading studios, but for the best microblading that’s safe, organic and loved by many clients, OPM is the recommended place to go. To book an appointment, visit www.opmakeup.com or click this link to learn more about microblading.