Microblading cost looks little compared to daily expenses

Microblading Cost: Why Organic Microblading Is Worth Investing In

Putting on makeup every single day doesn’t just eat up your money—it also takes a lot of your time. Permanent makeup is an alternative that can promise you’ll save up on both time and money. Trust us: microblading cost won’t seem too big when you compare it to how much you spend on a daily basis.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a low-maintenance, non-surgical procedure. It uses a manual tool that allows for perfectly done permanent makeup instead of using a traditional tattoo machine.

At Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM), we offer microblading done by experts in the field.

And not just that: organic-based pigments don’t fade and are likely to last longer. In general, organic permanent makeup lasts from two to five years.

How much will microblading cost me?

A 2017 survey showed that women spend as much as $11 a day on makeup. Multiply that by 365 days a year, and you get a whopping four thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, OPM offers 3D organic microblading ($500), scalp micro-pigmentation ($500), and 3D areola repigmentation and restoration ($500). We also provide OMBRE eyebrow and eyelash enhancement ($350) and lip contouring ($750). OPM is also a pro at tattoo correction and removal ($250).

Imagine spending 500 dollars on microblading and 350 dollars on eyelash enhancement—that’s 850 dollars that will last you five years, meaning you spend only 170 dollars annually.

OPM is the only organic microblading service in the US

OPM only uses organic ingredients suitable for all skin types. And we are the only ones who do that.

OPM founder Lorine Mikhaeil pioneered the organic permanent makeup industry where non-toxic, organic-based pigments create the natural and effortless look you desire and deserve.

Look natural and stay safe—at a low cost

OPM tools and equipment are carefully checked and chosen to match hair-like strokes. Not only will you feel confident and beautiful, you will also look more natural.

And since we only use specialized needles, the skin won’t end up scarred or traumatized by invasive operations. As expected, organic ingredients from plants are also safe and cause zero side effects.

Furthermore, the OPM Machine created by Mikhaeil is top-notch. It’s a professional-grade machine used for applying permanent makeup, scalp pigmentation and medical micro-pigmentation procedures.

World-class training for microblading professionals

OPM doesn’t just hire anyone. We rigorously train our team to make sure that we give only the best service. The microblading process is carefully done so client reviews are always beyond expectation.

Choose OPM because it is good for you, for the environment, and for your budget. With us, your lifelong beauty is well attended to.