Microblading Eyebrow Hack

Microblading: The Ultimate Eyebrow Hack

Brows are big these days. Literally.

A full and defined set of brows has become a requirement in any beauty look. People are investing in all kinds of eyebrow products from pencils to powders, with some people even getting microblading procedures and permanent makeup to get the best brows. Even those who aren’t as #blessed as Cara Delevingne can get luscious, enviable brows with the right eyebrow hack. Today, we’re going to show you how. Here are five ingenious eyebrow hacks that can up your #browgame.

Eyebrow hack 1: Let the light in

Bad lighting creates bad brows. If you do your brows under fluorescent light, you’ll end up having bald patches. Everyone knows that to have flawless makeup, you need the perfect lighting. You should do your eyebrows only under natural light. This way, you’ll get to see your brows in their full form, not missing any stray hairs. You’ll have a better idea of how your brows are looking as you shape them.

If your room doesn’t have any natural light, try doing your brows in the car. Take advantage of the natural light streaming through the windows. But please – don’t do it while your car is moving!

Eyebrow hack 2: Microblading eyebrows

The real eyebrow hack: microblading. If you’ve ever wondered how some ladies (and gents) have perfectly shaped brows all day, every day, it’s because they’ve undergone microblading. Using a rapid-fast tool, permanent makeup is applied into the brow. Your microblading artist will mimic real hair strands which will up to 5 years.

Most microblading procedures will cost around $500. Book an appointment today so you’ll have brows to envy! Plus, no more long morning routines just to do your brows!

Eyebrow hack 3: Step away from the mirror

One of the greatest mistakes is using a magnification mirror. When you’re doing your brows while they’re magnified up to three times, you’re likely to overdo them. For this eyebrow hack, use a mirror that’s the same size as your face. Take frequent steps backward to see your work in full effect. Your brows look different from different distances. People aren’t going to stare at your brows up close. They’re look at you from a certain distance, so be sure to check if your brows look good a few feet away.

Eyebrow hack 4: Avoid the “permanent marker” look

Brows that are filled in too solid look unnaturally and, well, ugly. Aim for the natural brow look: lighter in the inner corner and darker toward the end. All you have to do is use less product at the inner corner where there are less hairs. Then, as you work your way through, make the color more and more intense. You can also use two different powder or pencil shades, but be sure they blend seamlessly!

This eyebrow hack takes some practice but it’s going to be worth it!

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Pick the right shade

You shouldn’t match the shade to your hair. The general rule is to go darker if your brows are naturally light, and to go lighter if your brows are naturally dark. For redheads, it’s best to go for medium browns. People with black hair can opt for the darkest brown or gray, but never black.

Check out this useful eyebrow color guide so you won’t make a mistake!