microblading tools and equipment

An Introduction To Microblading Tools And Equipment

Ever wondered what it takes to achieve microblading perfection? It’s not just your microblading artist’s talent or your ability to stay still under pressure. The underrated stars of the show are the microblading tools and equipment that help give you your best brows ever.

Here’s an introduction to your microblading artist’s tools of the trade, from their gloves to their fancy microblading machines.

Essential microblading tools and equipment

Application Tools

OPM Digital MachinePerhaps the tools you’re most familiar with, application tools transfer microblading ink pigments to your skin. The most commonly used and widely preferred application tool is the digital machine.

Digital machines allow for easy needle disposals and have speeds of 100 to 180 hits per second. They’re easy to operate and make the job more manageable for your microblading artists. In fact, there are several different brands of digital machines, each with their own set of features. We even designed our own.

The OPM Machine by Organic Permanent Makeup is designed especially for microblading, as it is extremely gentle on the skin. It boasts of the following features:

  • No bleeding
  • No bruising
  • Less pain
  • No scabbing
  • No downtime
  • Perfect, precise hair strokes

Basically: every good thing about modern microblading.

Other application tools include the hand tool, the rotary, and the coil. You might still spot hand tools around, as they are easy to use. Their downside is that they can be painful for you as they cause too much damage to the skin and may cause increased bleeding. Very little pigments also stay in the skin, which increases the likelihood of scabs.

Microblading Needles

Different needles are used for different areas of the body.

For instance, single needles are best used to create brush-like strokes (think eyebrows!) while three round needles draw thick lines and nice tails, making them perfect for eyeliner microblading. Four flat needles, on the other hand, hold more pigment than other needles and are best suited for lip microblading.

Microblading Ink Pigments

Microblading Ink PigmentsWhat makes a good microblading pigment? Color range, color intensity, and skin compatibility. When we designed the OPM organic microblading ink pigments, we considered all these factors and more.

Back during microblading’s earlier days, ink pigments caused more harm than good. Made with metal-based ingredients, these pigments easily faded into blue or green shades in a short period of time.

These days, organic ink pigments can boast of the following benefits:

  • Many different color shades, perfect for any skin tone
  • No harmful chemicals
  • More quickly absorbed by the skin
  • Faster healing time
  • Doesn’t fade into blue or green ink

Want to find out which of our ink pigments best fit your skin tone? Take this quick and easy test!

Numbing Agents

It wouldn’t be microblading if it weren’t virtually pain-free.

Different microblading clinics have different preferred numbing methods. At OPM, we use the two-step numbing system. This ensures that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. We apply numbing gels before and during the procedure, so your comfort is top priority.

Gloves and Face Masks

Sanitation is of utmost importance.

To keep both you and our microblading artists safe, we use latex-free gloves to avoid allergic reactions. Meanwhile, face masks allow our artists to step close to your face without fear of health issues. Not to mention, the use of gloves and face masks are required to pass health safety codes. At OPM, your safety is our number one concern.

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