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Organic Permanent Makeup (OPM) offers a wide variety of microblading services. We provide permanent makeup solutions for a client’s eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, scalp, and even breasts. We even correct and remove unwanted tattoos and failed attempts at permanent makeup.

The number of procedures we are able to administer is a testament to our commitment to organic and permanent beauty; we wouldn’t be confident enough to offer these services if we didn’t 100% trust our products, tools, and staff—and our clients wouldn’t keep returning to OPM if they didn’t agree.

The 3D eyebrow microblading procedure is OPM’s contribution to the ever-growing eyebrow trend across the globe. Microblading artists are trained to identify the appropriate eyebrow shape and color for the client and to draw fine lines that blend naturally with eyebrows of all shapes and sizes.

Eyelash enhancements are a permanent substitute to eyeliner and even mascara, giving the face an overall brighter appearance, thanks to eyes that look opened up and ready to face the world.

OPM lip contouring is a non-surgical procedure that beats the popular lip fillers by miles. Contouring gives clients the option to shape their lips however they want; not just make them seem bigger. This service also acts as a permanent lip tint, lending clients a flush to their lips without the need for their tiresome, daily makeup routines.

Scalp micropigmentation gives clients denser-looking hair, effectively solving the problem of baldness, thinning hair, and receding hairlines. Lasting up to five years, scalp micropigmentation allows for anyone to have the beautiful crowning glory they deserve.

3D areola restoration is for women who underwent mastectomies or other breast surgeries; we return their breasts to their natural look. The paramedical procedure is also offered for free to cancer survivors as a way for OPM to give back to the community.

Tattoo correction and removal at OPM has no need for lasers. This all-natural procedure is done with the OPM Eraser and needs only thirty minutes of a client’s time to perform. OPM can correct and improve permanent makeup disasters; we believe no one should be discouraged from chasing the look they love with mistakes that can be easily reversed.

OPM’s dedication to its microblading services is evident in the very pigments it uses. All-natural and organic, OPM pigments are safe because they have no recorded side effects and are compatible with all skin types.

These pigments are food-dye-based and are easily absorbed by the skin. They’re also not only utilized in our top-notch microblading services to effectively mimic hair and skin; but they also last as long as five years, cementing OPM’s status as a leading permanent makeup provider in the United States.

The tools used in OPM’s microblading services are second to none; in fact, OPM created its very own permanent makeup machine, making the company a pioneer in the beauty industry.

The OPM Machine is the least invasive permanent makeup machine in existence, cutting down operation time by as much as half. Penetrating only the superficial layer of the skin, the state-of-the-art machine promises none of the usual pitfalls of microblading services. OPM guarantees that there will be no skin trauma, bleeding, and bruising after your microblading procedure.k