Hyaluronic Acid (also referred to as HA) is a naturally occurring substance found in almost every cell in our body. The OPM HA Gel refill is a premium viscous HA gel that will disperse and fill wrinkles, fine lines, add volume or even out the lip line. The 2ml syringe can be used for up to 5 clients, and it includes 5 empty ampoules. The ampoules are disposable for safety and sanitation. It is recommended to do a skin patch test to ensure comfort and safety for all your clients. Instructions for conducting the skin patch test below. 


Instructions for Conducting a Skin Patch Test.

  1. Sanitize a part of your skin with alcohol (e.g inner wrist, inner elbow, back of the ear, face)
  2. Add product to ampoule and attach to Hyaluron Pen
  3. Test pen to make sure it is working
  4. Make one Shot of 0.1 ml of product into the skin area.
  6. Leave for 48-72 hrs




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