Our Exclusive OPM Rotary Machine incorporates an innovative technology utilizing magnets instead of a motor base which allows gentle delivery with the least vibration. This technology allows a much more stable and precise insertion of pigments allowing the technician to work solely on the dermis or superficial layer of the skin seeing beautiful, lasting results with minimal to no pain, bleeding or down time. Our versatile and inclusive compact rotary machine delivers optimal results for semi permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, areola, scalp, and scar camouflage procedures and can also be used for microneedling. To increase performance capabilities, the handpiece can adapt to various needle sizes including #1R, #3R, #4F, and #5F depending on the procedure. Microneedling will require a handpiece extension and TMS needles to perform. The OPM Rotary Machine kit comes included with 5 starter needles of 2 sizes, (2) #1R and (3) #3R, exclusive carrying case, power adapter, and hand piece. Our gentle, quiet, portable compact machine is perfect for beginners, and active PMU professionals to add to their device collection.




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