Microblading Training

Microblading Training: Building Yourself As A Reputable Artist

Microblading training is important because it isn’t easy to establish yourself as a qualified and reputable artist. After going through the training, you will have several questions that you’d like to ask. Don’t worry. There are tips and tricks to help you take your skills to the next level following a microblading training.

Microblading Training GuideCreate Crisper and Cleaner Lines

Create crisper and cleaner lines using the three point stretch. This is when you pull tight by using your thumb as well as your pointer finger from your hand that’s not microblading. Then pull using your pinky on the hand that is microblading.

Create Strokes Without Pigment First

Create strokes without pigment on your microblading blade. Do this on your first pass and you will see the skin open up more. Add in the pigment after the making the stroke using a microbrush.

Front Strokes Are Best Done Last

Begin your first pass at about four strokes from the front of the tail or the outline. Choose whatever works for you. It is best if you microblade front strokes last. Talk to the client and determine if her eyebrows need a stroke in the front. Clients will feel more in control with what’s happening because you have included them in making the decision.

Microblading Training TipsMicroblading Training Tip: One Blade Is Never Enough

You should use more than one blade when you are doing the procedure. Most microblading artist use one blade from the first pass and another place for the second pass. It will help you create better lines.

Use Magnifying Head Lamp

It’s important to use magnifying headlamp especially if you wear glasses. It will help you see even the tiniest spot on your client’s skin and avoid crossing the hair strokes.

Paint a Pre-Stroke

Paint a line of ink on the skin where you plan to put a hair stroke without opening the skin, yet. Ask your client if they like that stroke. Involving them in making decisions during the procedure will make them feel special and more in control over what’s happening to their brows. Plus, painting a pre-stroke also prevents overdoing the front strokes and results in happier clients.

best microbladingMicroblading Training Tip: The Skin Doesn’t Have To Bleed

You don’t have to go over a stroke more than two or three times, which could cause bleeding. Most artist go over a stroke no more than two times. It results into less scarring. The pigment won’t spread that much once it starts to heal. However, there are some people who still bleed even after doing only a few strokes. So, just watch out for that as well.

Where Do You Start The Strokes?

Microblading from the front isn’t mandatory. You can start at the tail and then jump to the arch and then the front. It’s a matter of personal preference and usually results in balanced brows.

Finding The Best Microblading Training

Microblading Training Method

Even though this skill revolves around art, microblading trainings are intense. A typical training course is comprised of learning and understanding the theory behind the procedure and knowing the correct ways of putting them into practice. The course could be broken down into different levels including working on a live model.

Microblading Theory

You will learn about the different techniques used, the basic structure of the eyebrow and the anatomy of the skin. You’d know how to measure the brows based on the golden ratio and a general overview of the color theory.

microblading numbing systemMicroblading: Practical Work

The next phase of your microblading training is putting what you’ve learned into practice. During this part, you will learn how to calculate shape of the eyebrow, stretch and pierce the skin properly, and add color pigments.

Live Or Online Training

It all boils down to your own preference when it comes to choosing between live or online microblading training. Both methods of training will require you to be dedicated and put in hard work and patience especially when you are practicing on live models.

Choose A Good Microblading Training Instructor

A great microblading training instructor will teach all the essential details about the procedure. This includes finding the right angle, knowing how much pressure to use, and choosing the best products. Additionally, you will get personal accounts and best practices to become a successful microblading artist.

How the best microblading service in the US was foundedWhy Find The Best One?

Finding the best microblading training is important because it will provide you with the practical and useful knowledge that will form part of your work’s foundation. How well you do your work and handle your clients will be an indicator of the quality of the training that you have received.

Instructor Requirements

Another thing you have to do when finding a reputable microblading training instructor is to ask for their credentials. A good instructor has microblading certification, Department of Health license, State license, and bloodborne pathogen certification.

Another indication that you are talking to a dedicated professional is if she has a license from SPSC or AAM. Additionally, look for an instructor who has at three years of experience in providing microblading services.

Microblading TrainingPost Microblading Training

You will be called a microblading artist once you get certified. But you still can’t offer this service just yet. You still have to put in a certain number of work hours over the next six months. Find a reputable microblading artist in your area and ask if you can be her apprentice.

You can also ask your microblading training instructor if she offers additional support after the training. An instructor who takes in a former student to work under her tutelage is an excellent indication of quality and dedication to make sure that you succeed in this industry.

As mentioned earlier, becoming a microblading artist is no easy feat. But it is definitely worth your time learning and pays ten-fold once you have established yourself as a reputable artist in this field.

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