Microblading Training

Microblading Training Overview

Thanks to microblading, a growing number of women across the country are showing off their gorgeous perfectly-shaped eyebrows. With this procedure, they no longer have to put up with thin brows or spend hours trying to create fuller brows using different eyebrow products. Now that microblading has taken the cosmetic industry by storm, some are thinking of enrolling in a microblading training. These people are interested in becoming a microblading artist. So why should you take up microblading training?

Why Take Up Microblading Training?

High Demand For Microblading

There’s undoubtedly a high demand for microblading services these days. So if you become a trained microblading artist, you will be among those few who are certified and licensed in doing this procedure. With microblading’s rising popularity, you’ll most likely have a long list of clients especially if you have something to show for it.

Enjoy High Profits

After undergoing microblading training and becoming a licensed microblading artist, you are now an expert in this field. You can gradually increase the prices of your services as you acquire more experience and get better at your craft.

Be Your Own Boss

Becoming a microblading artist means you get to be your own boss. If you are just starting out, you can work for someone until you are ready. And when you do, you can put up your own business and run your salon.

Help People Gain Their Confidence

As a microblading artist, you will have people come to you for help. They want to look better and that’s why they’re having their eyebrows microbladed. Being able to help people regain their confidence through your service, will give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Become a microblading artist and you’ll realize how good it feels to play a role in restoring someone’s confidence and helping them feel good about themselves.

microblading trainingSearch For Microblading Training

Look for microblading training that’s approved by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. It should also be greenlighted by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals. Search for a microblading class that’s been approved by at least one of these two boards. By doing so, you’ll be assured that the microblading training adheres to the regulations and standards set by these two boards.

Avoid Scam Courses

Choose classes that provide at least 100 hours of training. The rising popularity of microblading has paved the way for various microblading training to pop up all over the world. These classes are not the same with some offering less training hours than others. Don’t choose classes that are less than 100 hours and not accredited by the AAM or the SPCP. Be wary of scam courses. These are microblading training that lasts no more than 6 days and unreasonably cheap.

Attend The Class and Get Certified

Once you’ve found a good class, enroll, pay the fees, and attend the training. As mentioned earlier, you will spend at least 100 hours for this training. This will include the actual class, homeowner, hands-on practice, and live demos by the instructor.

Get the official documentation that will show you took and passed the class. Be sure this document states how many hours you’ve worked, the name of the academy that offered the class, the name of the instructor, and his signature. You should also take photos of the live-work you’ve done. But be sure to ask for the consent of your model or client.

microblading mythsAsk For An Apprenticeship

If you feel you’re still not ready for the exam or still require additional microblading training to complete the hours you need, ask for an apprenticeship with a local technician instead. You can get a list of technicians offering internship from the AAM or SPCP. However, there are other technicians, who are not members, who may agree to take you on as an apprentice. You won’t get paid since you are still an apprentice. In some instances, certified microblading artist could charge a fee of as much as $500 for every procedure for the apprenticeship services.

Become A Member of the AAM or SPCP

If you wish to be a member of the AAM or SPCP, you have to buy an organization membership to take the exam. You can check their websites for more details. Both boards are well known but the AAM is popular in the United States. Meanwhile, the SPCP possesses greater recognition abroad. Don’t forget to sign up for a certification test from these boards. But before you can get certified, you need to complete a microblading training and BPS course first.

Be Certified By The BPS

Aside from the 100 hours spent on microblading training, you also need to complete a BPS course. You are required to take the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard course, which is affordable, in person. Once done, you will receive a BPS training certificate.

Microblading TrainingWhat Happens After Taking Up The Training

Taking the first step towards becoming a microblading artist is both a nerve-wracking and exciting experience. You should enroll in microblading training if you believe that you are destined to change people’s lives by helping them get those perfectly shaped brows. But, you will be putting in some hard work and you have to be prepared. Becoming a certified microblading artist isn’t a walk in the park. It needs commitment, a lot of work, and patience.

Build Relationships

After going through microblading training and you’re starting to put what you’ve learned into practice, then you can begin building relationships with your customers. If you do an impressive job then your clients will surely come back for your services. They may even recommend your services to the people they know. Whether it’s for a microblading session or a touch-up, your clients will keep on returning if you gain their trust and do a good job.

Learn Valuable Skills

As a microblading artist, you’ll acquire a lot of valuable skills. You’ll have a great eye for detail and you’ll be good at socializing. You’ll also be enduring and hardworking, which are skills you can use not only for work but for your personal life as well.

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