Areola Reconstruction

Cancer survivors have enough to live with every single day. Microblading wants to take one less burden off their shoulders.

Areola reconstruction is a great way to help anyone who has had breast surgery to feel like their old selves again. While we believe that all breasts are beautiful, we also want to give women the chance to get in touch with their pre-surgery selves. Areola reconstruction via microblading makes the process easy, affordable, safe, and long-lasting.

Here’s how.

What is areola reconstruction?

Areola reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like. Microblading artists use their skills to reconstruct irregular or disproportionate areolas, often as a result of breast surgery. The technique used is called ‘microblading.’

Microblading is essentially tattooing, but with the use of extremely fine lines. It’s often used to mimic the appearance of hair but is also perfect for recoloring and reshaping small, sensitive areas, like the lips and areola.

To perform microblading, artists use a specialized tool that makes tiny incisions in the skin and then deposits ink pigments.

This video below of eyebrow microblading illustrates the process.

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This photo below shows a finished areola reconstruction product.

What benefits do I get from areola reconstruction?

Areola reconstruction means different things to different women.

Some would like to look the way they did before surgery, while others want to take control over how they appear post-surgery. Others don’t care much for how they look, but instead see areola reconstruction as a way to feel “normal” again. Whatever the reason, this procedure is empowering for the ladies who choose to go through with it.

Microblading the areola is also a hassle-free procedure. Clients need only visit the microblading clinic once every year to “freshen up” the appearance of the treated area.

Additionally, organic microblading allows this and other permanent makeup services to:

  • Be compatible with all skin types
  • Have fewer risks because ink pigments don’t use harmful chemicals
  • Use 100% natural ingredients, like food-based and mineral-based dyes
  • Have a wide range of shades for all hair and skin colors
  • Have no downtime after the procedure

Who can get areola reconstruction?

Anyone interested in areola reconstruction should consider speaking with a microblading artist for advice. Note that clients can not get microblading while they are undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Other conditions that disqualify a client from getting microblading are:
  • Keloids
  • Transmittable blood diseases (e.g. HIV, hepatitis)
  • Skin complications and diseases
  • With fillers, Juvederm, or Botox in the desired treatment area
  • Extremely oily skin
  • Allergic to numbing agents
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

How much is areola reconstruction? Why is it so expensive?

Typically, costs are at $500. Some microblading clinics also offer free sessions for cancer survivors.

For every microblading procedure, the fee pays for the artist’s skills, talent, and time, not to mention the topical numbing agents and ink pigments used. The fee also covers the cost of microblading equipment and tools. Extremely cheap microblading procedures often have to compromise one or more aspect of the procedure, just to provide the service at a low price.

Does areola reconstruction hurt?

No, there is no pain during the procedure, thanks to topical numbing agents. If anything, the client will only experience very minimal discomfort.

What does aftercare mean?

Aftercare refers to the post-care procedures that help microbladed areas remain fresh and infection-free. The general rule is to not let anything touch the microbladed area.

Specifically, do not get treated areas in contact with:

  • Human skin, especially dirty human skin
  • Any liquids, such as water, sweat, blood, and tears
  • Harsh weather conditions, such as extreme wind
  • Harsh sunlight
  • Any chemicals, like makeup, face creams, shaving creams, etc.
  • Animal fur

For complete guidelines, visit our microblading aftercare guide.

When will the areola heal completely?

Microblading healing periods often last 4 to 6 weeks, depending on other factors like age and maintenance.


Areola reconstruction requires specialized training. When looking for a microblading academy that teaches areola reconstruction, always check if they provide this service themselves (as well as their customers’ and students’ reviews).

Contact us at 310-207-7797 to inquire about available areola reconstruction training courses. You can also check our list on the website.

OPM is the premier one-stop microblading service provider in California, offering a multitude of services, training courses, and tools and equipment. Founded by Lorine Mikhaeil, a pioneer in the organic microblading industry, OPM forwards responsible beauty through its innovative organic microblading pigments and state-of-the-art digital microblading technology.

Areola reconstruction is a hassle-free but empowering procedure for survivors of breast cancer and surgeries. Feel free to drop us a question in the comments, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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