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Ever wondered where you should buy microblading supplies? Well, it’s time to wonder no more!

As a beginner microblading artist, surely, you want the best tools, equipment, and supplies that money can buy. After all, these are investments that will help you go far in your career.

Plus, if you get quality equipment, you’ll be able to perform your best. And the better the service you provide, the more clients you’ll get—the quicker you’ll get your return of investments. It’s a win-win.

Then again, you don’t want to break the bank trying to launch your career. If you’ve looked around at some microblading supplies stores, you may have balked at some prices you’ve seen. You may even have asked yourself, “Is this really how much this is? Or are they marking the prices way higher than they should?”

We get it; we’ve been there. There’s a number of microblading supplies stores online, not to mention the risks of buying supplies for too high a price.

That’s why we’re writing this article: so you don’t have to keep stressing over where to get your gear.

Ready to see where the best place to buy microblading supplies is?

Choosing the best place to buy microblading supplies

When choosing your default microblading supplies store, it’s good to have a set of criteria. Here’s ours.

1. Quality supplies

Quality is of utmost importance. Never buy from a place if you doubt the quality of the products they’re selling—even if their prices are significantly lower.

Ask yourself, ‘What are they sacrificing to give me such low prices?’ Because, usually, the answer is: quality. Similarly, inquire as to the materials used in the tools you’re interested in. Don’t settle for tools made with poor materials. After all, if you want quality output, you’ll need quality materials.

Always check customer reviews. Product descriptions will always try to present the products in a good light. Customer reviews are more honest and straightforward.

2. Reasonable prices

Some places will have higher prices than others, especially if they’re not direct suppliers. Naturally, they’ll need to profit somehow; those profits come from marking up the prices of the products they sell.

Always compare prices before checking out your shopping cart. If you can, try to determine who the suppliers are. Maybe they have a store of their own. Buying supplies from direct suppliers are always cheaper than buying from middlemen.

3. Reliable customer service

No matter how honest or well-meaning a store is, sometimes, something goes wrong. If a microblading machine is faulty, will your chosen store provide assistance? Or will they choose to ignore your problems because, after all, you’ve already paid them?

Customer service is important especially when you’re buying something that needs a little setting up or familiarization. You can’t expect yourself to immediately know what to do with your microblading machine.

Always check reviews for comments on a store’s customer service. If a store gets negative reviews on their post-purchase services, then it might be better to take your business elsewhere.

Best place to buy microblading supplies: OPM

Organic Permanent Makeup is a premier one-stop microblading service provider. It offers your usual microblading services (e.g. eyebrow, lip, eyeliner) and some less usual ones, too (e.g. scalp microblading and areola restoration).

OPM also offers microblading training courses that range from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking for ombre eyebrow training or simple lip microblading, OPM has you covered.

And, more importantly (at least for this article), OPM sells different, high-quality microblading supplies at a reasonable price. OPM is a direct supplier of microblading equipment and, what’s more, they use the same supplies that they sell. That means they have no choice but to ensure quality tools, equipment, and supplies.

OPM sells everything you’ll ever need, such as:

  • organic microblading pigments
  • OPM Microblading Machine
  • OPM hand tool
  • needles and blades
  • OPM Numbing System
  • practice skins
  • skin marker pencils
  • multipurpose scissors
  • adhesive rulers

Not yet convinced? Check it out for yourself: clients trust OPM for their services, classes, and products according to reviews on Facebook and Yelp.

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