best time to get microblading

Sure, we offer permanent makeup all year round, but is there a perfect time to get microblading? There sure is. If your clients ever ask you when they should schedule their appointment, here’s what you can say.

Of course, one of the best things about microblading is that you can get it anytime. Some even get their brows done during their lunch break at work!

But while the procedure itself won’t last your clients more than an hour, aftercare can prove to be a hassle if it’s a busy time for them.

While there’s no such thing as a “perfect” time, there are certain criteria that can help your client come close.

Check them out below.

Choosing the best time to get microblading

When it comes to making an appointment best suited for all your clients’ needs, here’s what they need to consider:

After pregnancy

We discourage all pregnant clients from getting microblading. While there’s no evidence that microblading pigments are harmful to fetuses, there’s also no proof that they’re safe. Why risk it?

Aside from that, pregnant women also:

  • tend to bleed more than non-pregnant clients
  • are at risk of hyperpigmentation especially if they have melasma (a.k.a. “the mask of pregnancy”)
  • more sensitive and report increased pain during pregnancy

To ensure clients get microblading’s “no-pain” promise, ask pregnant clients to wait until after they give birth. How long they wait is up to them; some clients are good to go after a week or so while others need longer recovery periods.

Remind clients that microblading counts as a tattoo. If they wouldn’t get a regular tattoo two days after giving birth, then they probably shouldn’t get permanent eyeliner after two days, either.

After periods

Same as with pregnancy, clients on their period sometimes report increased sensitivity to pain.

This differs from person to person, of course. Some women don’t experience period pain at all, while others can barely stand during their first few days.

If your client is more on the “extreme pain” side of the spectrum, then it’s best that they wait until after their period to get their brows done. While we use top-notch, numbing agents, it’s best to wait until their pain tolerance is back to normal before getting microblading.

Before or after summer

During microblading aftercare, clients need to avoid getting the microbladed area wet.

Some people get sweaty more easily than others, so it might be wise to avoid getting microblading during the hot season.

Too much sun exposure can also harm the microbladed area, so if your client spends lots of time outdoors, it’s also better to wait until after summer passes. That means no beach or hiking trips while the skin heals.

Of course, the microblading aftercare period only lasts a month. So if your clients are willing to stick indoors or bring an umbrella everywhere, then it shouldn’t be a problem!

At least a month before big events

The microbladed area looks its best a month after it’s done. That’s because the skin needs time to absorb the pigment, as well as heal.

During the healing process, the treated area can look either intense and dark or faded, depending on which stage of healing it’s at.

Clients often want gorgeous brows, lips, or eyeliners before a big event like a wedding or graduation. Advise them to schedule an appointment at least a month or two before the event.

Is microblading aftercare that huge a hassle?

It can be, if the client is busy and has a specific lifestyle. The basic rule of aftercare is: don’t let anything touch the microblading area!

That includes:

  • Human skin
  • Animal fur
  • Water (including rain, sweat, and tears)
  • Blood
  • Too much sunlight
  • Harsh wind
  • Chemicals (lotions, creams, makeup, etc.)

If your client knows what they need to avoid, then they themselves can schedule their microblading session to their convenience.

But, to summarize, the best time to get microblading is:
  • After pregnancy
  • After a period
  • Not during the summer
  • At least a month before a big event

To learn more about microblading aftercare, check out this article: The complete guide to microblading aftercare

What did you think of our advice on choosing the perfect time to get microblading? Think we missed something? Drop us a comment below!

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