Budget Microblading Essentials

With all the microblading tools and equipment available online, it’s difficult which ones you’ll need to buy—and how much you’ll need to spend.

As if venturing on a new career path isn’t intimidating enough, you’ll also have to guess which tools you should invest in.

That’s where this article comes in. No need to wonder what to buy anymore; here’s the guide you never knew you needed on buying microblading essentials.

But first…

Some disclaimers:

  • This article is not a substitute for professional microblading training. Our beginner classes offer a more thorough explanation (plus demonstration!) of microblading tools. This guide is just here to give you an idea of which tools and equipment you’ll need.
  • Invest in training before tools. Although we make recommendations to tools sold in our shop, we don’t encourage you to make any purchases before your first training courses. Most courses actually come with essential tools and equipment, so your best bet is getting training and tools in one go.

The different tools in microblading serve different purposes. We’ve categorized these equipment according to the purpose they serve.

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Application Tools

The first kind of tool you’ll need are application tools.

As the name suggests, these tools are used to apply the ink pigment into a client’s skin. Microblading artists use these to create the strokes needed to create beautiful eyebrows, lips, or liners.

When choosing an application tool, consider the kind of procedures you’ll be offering, as well as your skill level and experience. Different application tools are suitable for different skill leves.

Digital microblading machine

Price range: $2,500+

The most recommended application tool is the digital microblading machine. These machines allow for easy needle disposal in addition to having 100 to 180 needle hits per second.

There exists different brands of microblading machines, each essentially doing the same thing, although some come with additional bells and whistles.

Find a digital microblading machine that fits your needs. When choosing a machine, remember to:

  • Ask where the parts are manufactured and assembled. Some equipment claim to be made in the US but actually have parts made or assembled in other parts of the world. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you don’t want to be buying equipment that says it’s one thing when it actually isn’t.
  • Seek customer reviews. If you’re buying online, there’s very few ways to check how well an item actually works. Customer reviews are one of them. Particularly if you’re buying from a third party distributor, your best bet at getting quality products is by checking reviews.
  • Check the return policy. On the off chance you do get a defective item, you should know if and how you can get the product replaced. Digital microblading machines aren’t the cheapest tool you’ll be buying, and it’s in your best interest to make sure you get what you pay for.

OPM Machine


Of course, we recommend our very own OPM Machine. This machine was initially invented to make our own services more efficient, but we decided to let it hit the market in case someone else needs its help, too.

The OPM Machine is designed to be gentle on the skin and to have perfect, precise hair strokes, making it perfect for microblading on sensitive areas. It boasts the following features:

  • No bleeding
  • No bruising
  • Less pain
  • No scabbing
  • No downtime

All our students also use the OPM Machine, so you know we can reassure you of its quality and performance. The OPM Machine works well for both beginners and advanced users.

The OPM Machine retails at $2,700. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, as well as 2/7 customer support.

Other application tools

Hand Tool

Price range: $20 to $30

The hand tool is a manual tool used to apply ink pigment into the skin. This is one of the earliest microblading tools invented. Although it’s pretty easy to use, it can be painful and can cause damage to the skin, as well as bleeding and scabbing.


Price range: $30+

Rotaries have a needle hit speed of 90 to 120 hits per second. This tool is recommended for advanced and experienced technicians because of its speed. Beginner microblading artists will be better served by manual tools or machines with slower hit speeds.


Price range: $20+

Coils use sound to identify how deep into the client’s skin the needle is. While they can be efficient, coils are not recommended because of the noise they make. Loud noises make for uncomfortable experiences for clients.

Up next…

In our next installment, we discuss the rest of the tools and equipment you’ll need to kickstart your microblading business. Click the link below to see the second part of our feature on microblading essentials:

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