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A microblading career is for people who embrace fashion and beauty and for those who want to earn huge income out of it. However, the goal of becoming a microblading artist, starts with the best microblading training to develop the skills and acquire the necessary techniques to make a perfect microblading results.

Trainings come in live or online. You might be confused which of the two is best for you and which can serve you best at your current situation. Of course, try to consider you time, the cost and the kind of training each can offer.

Live Microblading Training

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From the term itself, live microblading training is a live teaching of microblading skills from a microblading artist usually a master in microblading to a group of students or trainees. In this kind of training, you will attend a face to face lecture. You will also watch live the demonstrations of techniques in microblading. Then you will have a return demonstration. The trainees will perform microblading from live models or with the use of skin simulators.

Live Training Duration

Basically, this type of training will last for two or three days depending on the training provider. After the training, the students will get certified. With OPM Basic Training for Microblading, the training last for 2 days but there will be an 8 day online training as follow-up.

Anybody can join the live microblading training. Those who have no experience can also join.

Training Cost

The training cost can range from $2000 to $6000 depending on your location or the training provider. The costs also differ due to the training package inclusions. Other providers will include the microblading kit which trainees can use to their first paying client after they get certified.

If you opt to enroll at OPM, you can have the training at lesser cost and take advantage of their organic microblading. This is worth considering because organic brow offers better results with the use of all-natural ingredients for the pigments.

Advantages of Live Training

Live microblading training is gaining popularity because trainees will really have that first hand experience in microblading. The trainees are also experts and masters in the microblading industry; hence, they can give you a lot of techniques. They also know how you will be taught depending on your need. Trainees may have different motor skills which are necessary in making pigments on the brow. The trainers will be able to asses every trainer once they see one performs. They can readily assist the trainee and they give adequate guidance in learning.

During the demonstrations, the students can clearly see the procedure and can also ask questions related to it; then they can hear the answers right away.

It is also advantageous to join live trainings. It is also easy to get certified. With lesser number of trainees, learning is easier and more comfortable. To join live microblading trainings, you are required of payment first. There are providers which will also require bloodborne pathogen and communicable disease certification and or a tattoo license. Both can be obtained in your locality.

Online Microblading Course

online microblading training

Online Microblading training is considered as a structured training also intended for both beginners or advanced learners. Trainees learn from the virtual resources provided to them. These learning resources include videos, audio and text instructions, guides and similar materials which will introduce microblading knowledge and skills. A learning software is provided for ease of access and tracking of your trainees’ progress.

The Online Training Methodology

To complete the course, the online training duration is set. Students should complete in advance or within the time frame. Once a student failed to complete the course within the frame of time, they have to reenroll and complete the program in order to  get the certification. Some providers may offer discounts to those who reenroll for not completing the course within the time frame and some may let the trainees pay the same amount.

Advantages of Online Training

This kind of microblading training is advantageous for those who do not have the luxury of time to attend live training in a particular schedule. Those who opt for this kind of training will still enjoy learning. They are with the online community of learners too where they can exchange ideas and interact with each other.

Just like the live training, no experience is required for you to attend online microblading training. You will learn the same techniques in microblading just like what is offered in the live training.

Training Cost

As to the payment for the online training, usually, the price is cheaper than live trainings. You can have the best training at $2000-$2500. After paying, you can now download and install the learning software and start your training. But if you have it in an online live streaming, you choose the schedule of the training and should spend time learning during the live streaming where instructors are demonstrating and giving lectures.

The cost for transportation and accommodation will also at your advantage since you will not be spending for these expenses. You can have emails and chats to talk to your trainers.  Many students prefer to have online microblading training since they can learn at their own pace. This means, they can choose the best time to learn. They also assess themselves whether they have acquired the skills or not.

Opportunity for Hands-on Microblading is not a Problem

If you ask about your own practice for microblading, all you need to is look for someone who will trust you and let you perform microblading techniques you learned online. This is great for you can have friends or family members as your models.

Choose the Best Microblading Training

If you are still confused about the best training to enroll, you can choose OPM, a microblading course provider which allows you to take the course both live and online. This learning platform enables you to take advantage of the strengths that both training modalities can offer. The training is offered at lower price. Visit their website for more details and read the reviews from various clients. You can also find before and after photos to finally decide whether they can be a great microblading training provider or not. You can visit here for more details about microblading course.


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