OPM Organic Microblading Brow™ Course

Lorine Mekhaeil
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Course Description

OPM Organic Microblading Brow™ Course

Learn to create 100% natural-looking brows with Organic Permanent Makeup

Course length: 2-day hands-on training + 8-week online training

In the OPM Organic Microblading Brow™ Course, you will learn that microblading is just one technique to master. In this course, you will learn digital microblading along with our signature OPM ombre brow shading, and nano-dotting techniques to create the most natural, Organic Brow for all your clients. Our method is engineered to minimize pain, bleeding and down time and our supplementary online course will guide you through the necessary practice so you can master your skills and provide the best permanent makeup experience.

  • In addition to our techniques, we will teach you the OPM method in color selection, brow mapping and design, determining the right depth, applying the correct pressure, and the proper 3 way skin-stretch to use during procedures.
  • We teach you the full interaction with clients starting with consultation, discussing consent forms, procedure after care and payment of services.
  • Students also learn the theoretical side of permanent makeup, like its history, color theory, marketing, and client relations.
  • This course involves two (2) days of hands-on training at the OPM facility, followed by eight (8) weeks of guided online training. Our instructors monitor the students’ progress and provide direct feedback so the students know exactly what to improve and their individual areas of focus allowing them to develop their skills, and master their muscle memory.
  • Students also have the opportunity to work on a live model to apply and demonstrate the Ombre Brow shading techniques they have learned.
  • The OPM Organic Brow™ Course is recommended for students with no prior experience or training as well as active PMU artists to learn and apply new techniques.

To be the best, you need to train with the best. And the OPM Organic Microblading Brow™ Course is the best in the business.

The OPM Organic Microblading Brow™ Course teaches:

  • Overview of the Organic Brow techniques
  • Ombre brow shading, nano dotting and digital microblading theory
  • Eyebrow color theory
  • Eyebrow design and shape
  • Microblading hair stroke patterns
  • Depth determination
  • Supplies, tools and equipment
  • Sanitation and sterilization
  • Highly effective 2-step numbing process
  • Choosing the right clients
  • Client consultation, consent and aftercare
  • Upselling existing clients

Why Organic Brow™?

When mastered, the OPM method is engineered to minimize pain, bleeding, and downtime. All these work to provide the best permanent makeup experience for any and all clients.

Digital microblading, compared to traditional microblading, lasts longer and heals faster. Pioneered by OPM founder and lead instructor Lorine Mikhaeil, organic pigments ensure:

  • 100% metal free
  • Plant- and mineral-based pigments
  • Higher compatibility with all skin types
  • Quicker absorption by the skin
  • Quicker healing time
  • Longer lifespan
  • Never fades into blue or green ink

Inclusions in the OPM Organic Microblading Brow™ Course:

This course includes the OPM starter kit, training workbooks, and all the materials students need to begin practicing:

  • Two (2) OPM Pigments (Dark Brown & Fair Light)
  • Five (5) disposable needles (1R & 3R)
  • One (1) microlight hand tool
  • Five (5) practice skins
  • One (1) Eyebrow repair gel
  • One (1) White gel pen
  • Black and brown shaping pencils
  • Five (5) OPM Measuring sticky rulers

Note about certification: Students must complete the 8-week online training program included in the course and pass an assessment to complete the training and receive certification to begin charging clients. If the student does not complete the online training within 6 months, they must retake the Organic Brow™ course at a discounted rate to receive certification.

About Instructor

  • Lorine Mekhaeil

    Lorine Mekhaeil

    Master Trainer & Founder of OPM