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A mark of a true microblading artist is being able to look at a client and then guessing what kind of service they want. Honestly, there’s no teaching that. It just comes with experience. That said, there are ways to figure out what a client wants before they even talk. Here are the different types of microblading clients you’ll encounter at work.

Before we jump into things…

Just to be clear: stereotyping a person based on their race, language, heritage, or socioeconomic class is wrong. That’s not what we’re trying to do here.

When we talk about client types, we refer to their preferences, their habits, and their beauty goals. Having an idea of who they let us better prepare what advice to give and what services to offer.

As beauty professionals, it should be against our principles to make a judgment on a person’s character based on what they look like or sound like. To be the best microblading artist we can be, we focus on how we help them get what they want, not what our idea of beauty is.

Remember: beauty is diversity, and diversity is beauty.

Why “client types” are important

It may seem unnecessary or superficial to categorize clients, but it’s actually the opposite. When you observe a client enough to guess what they’ll like, you’re gaining a deeper understanding of them.

It’s important to understand how a client prefers to present themselves. How do they want to be seen by others? In an age where “personal branding” is a thing, understanding your clients is helping forward their “brand.”

Of course, it’s even more important to talk to them. Maybe they’re looking for a drastic change and need your help. Maybe they want to try something new but are unsure of how they’ll like it.

Either way, before you jump to any definite conclusions, what’s important is you understand how they want to see themselves. Helping them look and feel their best is our only goal.

The different types of microblading clients you’ll meet

As mentioned, having an idea of what your client likes lets you become better prepared. You’ll have an idea which looks to suggest, which celebrities they look up, which services they’ll be interested in.

We’ve streamlined these ideas into three main types of microblading clients. Let’s go and meet them.

The “Natural” Client


How to spot them: Little to no makeup, simple hairstyles, very casual, think “girl next door”
Style goals: Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, Kristen Bell
Why they want microblading: Because they want low-maintenance beauty
Procedures to recommend: Eyebrow microblading, eyeliner microblading

This kind of client prefers the no-makeup look. They want to look polished without expending effort, so they can focus on more rewarding activities.

These clients lead a simple lifestyle and are often wearing clothes they feel comfortable in. The “natural” client is true to themselves and are honest about what they want!

Microblading is perfect for them because they only need to worry about their makeup once a year! When talking to them, play up the fact that microblading is super low maintenance.

For clients who like this persona, don’t recommend a look that’s outside of their comfort zone. Stick to enhancing their current look instead of changing it up. That said, make sure their look is buildable, so they can glam it up if they want to.

The “Conservative” Client


How to spot them: Wearing “office” makeup with well-maintained hair, comes across as a go-getter and professional
Style goals: Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett
Why they want microblading: Because they’re too busy to put on makeup every day
Procedures to recommend: Eyebrow microblading, lip microblading

This kind of client needs to look good but doesn’t always have the time for makeup. They’re women-on-the-go who like feeling pretty!

They likely want to get microblading so they don’t have to worry about keeping up with makeup trends. They like their look subtle, but not too natural—something that’s perfect for a day out with friends or in a corporate meeting.

For “conservative” type clients, recommend following their natural brow shape, but with a slightly thicker line. Flushed lips instead of natural lips also work great on these clients.

The “Diva” Client


How to spot them: Wearing Instagram makeup and the latest fashion styles
Style goals: Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Lady Gaga
Why they want microblading: Because they want to look fab!
Procedures to recommend: Eyebrow microblading, lip microblading, eyeliner microblading

These clients love all things beauty and fashion. In fact, you might want to watch out, because they’re probably more updated than you are!

The “Diva” client likes keeping up with trends and trying something new. They’re fun and adventurous, and they like making themselves look good. To them, microblading is a shortcut to looking their best. Or it seems like a fun trend they’d like to try!

These clients often already have something in mind before they even walk into your salon. They already have a style peg picked out. Make suggestions if they don’t or if their preferred look won’t look great on them. These clients are more open to trying bolder brows and lip colors than other clients. Don’t be afraid to suggest bright colors!

Lorine Mekhaeil

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