Eyebrow Trends

“Trending” doesn’t always mean stylish. When it comes to permanent makeup, we’re more about classic beauty that’ll outlast any Instagram trend. After all, it is permanent makeup. That said, some clients may insist on one of these eyebrow trends.

Our advice? Don’t let them get away with it!

(Okay, so maybe these brows aren’t really being requested in microblading salons. But just in case they are…)

Either way, here are some fun current and past brow trends that should stay as, well, trends.

1. Squiggly/Wavy brows

We have to admit, these look super fun to create! Just getting those perfect curves done already seem like a fun challenge…

2. Spiky brows

A cousin to squiggly brows, we’re assuming? Spiky brows look gorgeous, although maybe not for an everyday, office look. Tempting, though.

3. Glitter brows

Glitters are great. They can take you anywhere from Elsa in Frozen to Las Vegas showgirl. We’re particularly in love with this gold look. Maybe once they invent glitter microblading ink pigments…

4. Rainbow brows

We’re getting serious Lisa Frank and “Unicorn Store” vibes here. Rainbow anything screams fun, and rainbow brows? Super fun.

(Side note: why not call them rainbrows?)

5. Halo Brows

Okay, we’re 100% sure no one wants this microbladed, but we just had to put them on the list. C’mon, look at them! They’re crazy! And we love them.

6. Blocky brows

Well, we had to put something believable on the list. These overly-done Instagram-famous brows had their fifteen minutes of fame. But they’re not really ideal for microblading.

Hard truth? They look fake. If you’re going for permanent makeup, you’ll want an eyebrow shape faithful to your natural arch. You can always glam up later on!

Lorine Mekhaeil

Lorine Mekhaeil

Master Trainer & Founder of OPM

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