Eyeliner Microblading

Eyeliner microblading can give anyone long-lasting, beautiful eyeliner. But does it live up to the hype? Does the procedure itself hurt? And actually how long is “long-lasting”?

The industry developed permanent makeup to address concerns about constant makeup waste, as well as busy schedules that can’t accommodate tiresome makeup routines.

If you want to look good and do good by the environment, permanent makeup is the way to go.

In this article, we answer all your questions and more about permanent eyeliner makeup.

What is eyeliner microblading?

Microblading is a tattooing technique that uses tiny incisions to make fine lines on the skin. Often used to mimic the appearance of hair, microblading also serves as the perfect technique for eyeliner makeup.

Microblading artists use specialized tools to deposit ink pigments into the skin. Here’s a video that demonstrates the process:

How long does eyeliner microblading last?

Eyeliner microblading lasts up to two years with the proper aftercare and maintenance.

What are the advantages of eyeliner microblading?

  1. More efficient makeup routine. Clients get to trade off putting on eyeliner every day for annual sessions. Permanent eyeliner is a long-lasting solution to get rid of long makeup routines.
  2. Save up on money. If you’re spending several hundred dollars a year on eyeliner, then it’s better to spend it on a procedure that’ll last them at least two years. This way, you’re actually saving more money than when you use traditional makeup.
  3. Natural-looking makeup. Permanent eyeliner at the hands of a skilled microblading artist looks natural and not overdone.
  4. No downtime after the procedure. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, microblading won’t force clients to take a day or two off to recover. In fact, they can get they eyeliner done during lunch break and then come back to work straight after.

Can I get eyeliner microblading?

Anyone who wants beautiful, permanent eyeliner should consider getting eyeliner microblading. However, clients with the following conditions are exempt from microblading eligibility:

  • Keloids
  • Transmittable blood diseases (e.g. HIV, hepatitis)
  • Skin complications and diseases
  • With fillers, Juvederm, or Botox in the desired treatment area
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Extremely oily skin
  • Allergic to numbing agents
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

How long does the procedure take?

The microblading procedure takes up only an hour or two.

How much does eyeliner microblading cost?

Eyeliner microblading costs $350 for either the upper or lower lash line. Meanwhile, it costs $500 for both upper and lower lash lines.

Why is eyeliner microblading so expensive?

The cost of microblading covers the use of specialized microblading tools, topical numbing agents, premium ink pigments, and the skills and experience of a trained microblading artist.

NOTE: Beware of microblading clinics that offer too-low prices. Consider first what part of the microblading process they’re compromising.

Do I really need touchups for my permanent makeup?

Touchups keep your permanent eyeliner looking fresh and sharp. Like all tattoos, eyeliner fades with time and should be refreshed.

Is eyeliner microblading painful?

Thanks to topical numbing agents, clients will only experience mild discomfort, if any. There is little to no pain involved in the whole procedure.

What do I do after microblading?

After microblading, allow your eyeliner to breathe. It’s important to remember the golden rule of permanent makeup aftercare: avoid contact. Specifically, do not let the following touch your newly microbladed lash lines:

  • Human skin, especially if dirty
  • Any liquid, like water, sweat, blood, tears
  • Harsh weather conditions, like extreme wind.
  • Extreme sunlight
  • Any chemical, like makeup, face creams, etc.
  • Animal fur

For more information about permanent eyeliner aftercare, visit our guide to microblading post-care.

How long will it take to heal?

The healing process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. There are several factors that could slow down the process, however, like your age and diet. Consult with your microblading artist to make sure.

Eyeliner microblading is a great way to look and feel fabulous. Did we answer all your questions on permanent eyeliner? Leave your inquiries in the comments, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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