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So, you’ve decided to get microblading training. Wondering what will happen during your first ever microblading class? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to find out more.

Preparation is half the battle, they say. While a microblading class is nowhere near as painful and bloody as war, it still can’t hurt to be prepared. At Organic Permanent Makeup, beginner eyebrow microblading courses are easy to ace.

Here’s what you can look forward to during your first microblading class.

What to expect in your first microblading class

  • History. You’ll learn about the history of microblading, from its beginnings centuries ago to the birth of organic microblading.
  • Color theory. How do you know what color eyebrows a client should have? Color theory covers everything you need to know about choosing pigments for your clients.
  • Microblading tools and equipment. What do needles do? What kind of gloves will you need? What’s the best microblading machine in the market? You’ll get the answers to these questions and more in your first microblading class.
  • Depth and pressure. Knowing how deeply you go into the skin is crucial in the microblading process. That way, you won’t injure or hurt your client during the procedure.
  • Eyebrow shape and design. Injecting ink pigment is one thing, but designing eyebrow shapes are another. Our expert microblading artists will show you how to shape eyebrows to compliment different client face shapes.
  • Choosing the right clients. Get to know your future clients and what makes them tick. Research and years of experience guide our microblading course lecturers as they discuss how you can find the perfect clients.
  • Microblading marketing. How do you find clients? Where should you advertise your business? Get ready to learn how to sell your business with the OPM beginner microblading class.

About the OPM Beginner Microblading Class

Organic Permanent Makeup prides itself in having courses that cater to different skill levels. Our beginner class is specifically designed for students who have no prior experience in microblading or other similar procedures. You can come in clueless and come out an artist-in-the-making!

Not only that, but the course itself comes with a bunch of freebies that will help jumpstart both your career and education. Here’s what’s included in our beginner microblading class:

  • 1 OPM Pigment (Dark Brown)
  • 3 Disposable ( 12 C ) Blade
  • 3 Disposable ( 18 U ) Blade
  • 1 Microlight Hand Tool
  • 1 Box of 12 U Microlight Blades
  • 6 Level Practice Skin
  • 5 Disposable Measuring Stencils
  • 1 Box Of Ring Ink Cup
  • 1 Eyebrow Repair Gel
  • White Gel Pen, Black & Brown Shaping Pencil
  • Measuring Kit

These products are worth a total of $300!

Our beginner classes also come with 8 weeks of online training. We know how difficult it is to study at a training school if you live far away.

What our students are saying

Not yet sure OPM is the right school for you? Here’s what two of our students have to say about the OPM experience:

“After a bad training [experience] with another company, it was worth every single cent and the wait to travel here from Alabama for training. Very professional and thorough. Although I will be taking the intermediate [class] because I understand the importance of it, I feel like I could take this education and start performing services with the education I received in just three days.

Lorine, Joy, and Nancy are beyond wonderful and have tons of knowledge. Not to mention, after two years of research, they really do offer a superior product with their pigments and other products. I had my lips done, and I literally did not feel a thing, and it took no time at all. Highly recommend these ladies whether you are looking for training or any type of permanent makeup!”

McKenna Sligh
Carbon Hill, Alabama

“I’m an esthetician, [and] I’ve been looking into microblading eyebrows for a while now. I saw Lorine at the Long Beach skin show. I [was] skeptical about everything: microblading, it being the new fad, etc.

So, I then went to her OPM class at the show. She was honest, had 25 years under her belt. Plus, she did demos. That looked great. Also, she was into not hurting people and doing things the right way and coming up with pigments that don’t fade and hurt people, as well.

Well, I just finished a 3 day course. Guess what? It was way harder than I thought. But now, I know that if I plan to do this, I’m really going to have to work a lot harder to get it. So, I’m going to have to take the advanced class. Thanks, OPM!”

Lauri R.
Santa Monica, California

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