Holiday Dates

Question: who doesn’t love a good sale?

Answer: no one.

It’s common knowledge that consumers keep track of holiday sale dates, so they can plan their expenses and save up by getting good deals. There’s a reason we have reality TV shows on coupon shopping and why there’s almost always a Facebook ad about a new sale popping up on your feed.

That’s why, if you have a microblading business or offer any microblading services, make sure you’re not missing out.

Offering customers discounts during holidays will help convince them to avail of your services. It also shows that you care about them enough to give them a break or two, because, really, we all could use an extra fifty dollars every once in a while, right?

So, without further ado, here are all the holiday sale dates you should keep in mind for when you’re planning your next big sale.

Holiday sale dates to look out for

We’re not including all the holidays in the country, although there sure are plenty, from July 4th to Halloween.

Instead, we handpicked the dates we think are relevant to a permanent makeup business.

Here goes.

Valentine’s Day (February 14)

Valentine’s is perfect for couple deals, as well as discount treats for single customers. Why not spread the love by asking clients to give themselves a little self-love, right?

And even though you might find the holiday a little cheesy, a lot of people don’t. Valentine’s is celebrated by over 50% of consumers according to NRF. In fact, the jewelry industry makes as much as $5 billion during Valentine’s season.

For clients looking for alternative Hearts Day gifts, a permanent makeup session is perfect.

Earth Day (April 22)

If, like us, you offer organic permanent makeup, then you should definitely celebrate Earth Day with a little sale. Environmentally conscious clients will appreciate the gesture, especially since it doubles as a way to raise awareness about environment issues.

Don’t worry, you’re going to attract more than just the eco-friendly. After all, like we said, everyone loves a good sale. That means everyone will want to book a session with you if you offer a percentage off!

Mother’s Day (May 12)

Moms deserve to be pampered more than any other people, so a microblading sesh is a perfect gift for moms everywhere. As we age, the need for more permanent beauty solutions becomes more pressing. It’s harder to keep up with a makeup routine once our age catches up with us.

Since it’s moms’ day, you can offer an exclusive moms-only discount or even a mother-daughter discount. It’s up to you! But we persoanally wouldn’t miss out on a chance to give mom an excuse to get a whole new look.

Wedding season (May to June)

Weddings are very stressful, so why not give the bride-to-be one less thing to worry about? Wedding guest or wedding star, whoever it is, they all need to look fab on the day itself.

Since most weddings are held in June, offering discounted microblading sessions a month or two beforehand will make sure they look positively perfect on the special day.

A permanent makeup sesh is also a great bachelorette’s party idea, so offering big discounts for groups can be beneficial for your business! And think of it this way: that’s a bunch of new clients already, since they’ll be needing touch-up from then onwards.

Father’s Day (June 16)

Dads need some love, too. Scalp microblading and even eyebrow microblading can be very popular with dad, especially the ones losing a few hairs here and there.

Dads are less likely to be enthusiastic about cosmetic procedures, so offering a hefty discount may be in order. But even if only a handful of dads come in for a scalp touchup, it’s still a great way to pamper them on their one day of the year!

Black Friday (November 29)

Lots of people look forward to Black Friday, so it’s reasonable to expect they have quite a sum saved up. Why not encourage them to spend it on a permanent makeup sesh instead?

The only downside is they may not be interested unless it’s a BIG discount, since that’s what Black Friday is known for. Either way, it’s worth considering, especially since it’s only a once-a-year event anyway.

Christmas season

Christmas break is the perfect time to get permanent makeup. Clients will have time to focus on aftercare, and they’ll be flaunting their new look at every party they attend that season. Think of all the people who’ll be asking them where they got their eyebrows done!

It’s the season for giving, anyway, so might as well give clients a discount, right? Plus, end of the year sales are perfect for cliens with whom you have a long-standing relationship.

New Year (January 1)

New year, new me, right? Since new year is the perfect opportunity for a whole new look, you could make sure potential clients get that look with your help instead of someone else’s.

Offering a one-day-only discount might mean a fully booked schedule, but that’s the price we pay for being good at our jobs!

Holiday sale dates will boost your business

Aside from attracting new clients, offering discounts also rewards old clients by making them feel appreciated.

Don’t skimp on a little short-term loss (if it’s even a loss at all!) for some long-term relationship building. Plan that sale now!

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