Make Money With Organic Microblading

Organic microblading is an often overlooked business idea. In the first place, not many people know about the benefits of this beauty procedure. Which means fewer people know how to make money with organic microblading.

In this article, we explain how lucrative organic microblading actually is—and how you can turn it into a lifelong career.

Microblading has more than 8 million posts on Instagram alone. And while it’s incredibly popular on the internet, there aren’t a lot of microblading service providers around. It’s a clear gap in the market, one that can easily be bridged by the right investment.

Knowing the appeal behind microblading is key to either being a microblading artist yourself or building towards your own clinic.

Defining microblading

Microblading is the art and technique of using fine, tiny strokes to tattoo on a part of the body. It’s often referred to as permanent makeup. Like most tattoos, microblading requires touch-ups to look fresh and vivid. But unlike with tattoos, numbing agents are applied on microblading clients to minimize, if not eliminate, their discomfort.

The most frequent application of microblading is for mimicking hair on areas with sparse hair. Several parts of the body are eligible for permanent makeup, including the eyebrows and scalp.

Microblading can also be used to enhance certain parts of the face, like the lips, lash line, and even the areola. Lips are given a richer color or a fuller appearance. Semi-permanent eyeliner gives off the feel of thicker eyelashes without the need for false lashes. And the areola of breast cancer survivor can easily be reconstructed with permanent makeup.

Microblading is a great experience for any client. Not only does it cut down on their beauty routine time and budget. It also helps them regain their self-confidence. There are even reports of permanent makeup helping with anxiety.

Many celebrities have resorted to microblading in light of their busy schedules. Permanent makeup lasts up to two years, given the proper aftercare and maintenance. But, contrary to popular perception, microblading isn’t too expensive.

For a one-time fee of $500, women can save up to thousands of dollars on makeup over the years. In fact, when computed against the total amount saved, microblading is actually way more affordable.

Why organic microblading

Not to be confused with traditional microblading, organic microblading uses all-natural ingredients to ensure safety and compatibility with all skin types.
Organic microblading pigments are plant- and mineral-based instead of the usual metal-based pigments used in traditional microblading.

This makes organic microblading quicker to heal and less prone to the risks associated with microblading. Its pigments also come in a wide variety of shades, so women of all skin colors need not worry about finding their perfect shade.

Organic microblading appeals to a wider range of clients, given that it is safer not just for the clients themselves but also the environment. While there are mining laws being enforced all over the world, there’s no way of ensuring that manufacturers abroad adhere to these laws. There’s always the risk that a microblading clinic distributes and uses microblading pigments from a manufacturer that actively harms the environment through unlawful mining practices.

Organic microblading is the future not just of microblading itself but the future of the permanent beauty industry itself.

Make money with organic microblading

Like most successful businesses, microblading comes with these two business principles: (a) low investment and (b) a large market.

Every man and woman over the age of 18 is eligible for microblading, with a few specific exceptions. With 2019 bringing in a more natural-looking eyebrow trend and even busier schedules, permanent makeup will become the go-to beauty solution.

Why you should invest in organic microblading

Here are the reasons you should invest in microblading:

  • Low investment. That is, training fees are incredibly low relative to the capital required in other business ventures. Advanced classes will only cost you $2,500, and they include training from experts in the business and tools and equipment needed to complete the training class.
  • A large market. You will have no shortage of clients. More likely than not, there’s a large number of people who have yet to find out what permanent makeup can do for them. On top of that, there are also people wanting to get microblading but don’t know any permanent makeup places near where they live. With enough marketing and promotion, you’ll be able to reach all of them in no time.
  • Potential to have your own clinic. Who says you need to stay solo? Some microblading artists prefer working on an on-call basis, cultivating relationships with a fixed number of clients. But if you want to invest long term, you can save up to open your own permanent makeup clinic. Hire other microblading artists, so you don’t have to do all the work!
  • Becoming an expert means you can train others. All great teachers were once excellent practitioners. Once you have several years of experience under your belt, you can look into training other potential microblading artists, as well. It’s a great way to not just earn a living but also pay forward your education and learning.
  • Distribute microblading tools and equipment. Permanent makeup requires specialized tools and equipment. You can resell these items at an increased rate so you can profit off of them. Your main market will be other microblading artists and businesses in your county or state.

Invest in microblading today

Microblading is a booming industry, and it’s up to you to ride the wave as it comes. Especially if permanent makeup isn’t popular in your area yet, because that means you’ll be one of the first to offer these services.

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