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Red carpet events have long been mini fashion shows, where fans look for upcoming trends and where brands and artists can promote their work. It’s no longer any surprise when a fan-favorite red carpet look suddenly sparks online sales.

From the MET Gala to the Grammys, the Emmys, and the Oscars, these events help everyone in the beauty and fashion industry. But how do they help your microblading business specifically? And how can you make the most from these events?

Here’s how Hollywood can help sell your microblading business.

A rundown of red carpet events

If you’re no fan of these big name big deals, here’s a quick description:

The Academy Awards (The Oscars)

Perhaps the biggest event in Hollywood, the Oscars give out film awards based on artistry and technical brilliance. The awards are handed out by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS, or simply ‘The Academy).

The Emmys

The Emmy Awards is the Oscars, but for television. Specifically, the Emmys exist to honor “television excellence.”

The Grammys

If cinema has Oscars and TV has Emmys, the music industry has Grammys. Awarded by The Recording Academy, Grammys honor achievements in the music industry.

The MET Gala

Arguably the biggest annual event in fashion, the MET Gala is a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Each year has a different theme, which attendees often adhere to.

The red carpet is makeup heaven

Make no mistake, celebrities and stylists spend months planning for the perfect look. Remember the MET Gala planning scene in Ocean’s 8?

Both fashion and makeup stylists need to come up with looks that’ll still be trendy come the red carpet event.

That said, unless the goal is to make a statement, celebrity makeup looks need to look timeless.

And so, even though there’s not much innovation going on makeup-wise at award shows, that doesn’t stop fans from wanting to know how makeup artists come up with celebrity looks.

Which is why every time there’s a high-status red carpet event like the MET Gala or the Emmys, tutorial articles get published and everyone tries recreating some look or another.

And the opportunity to promote timeless eyebrows arises. Wink, wink.

Everyone wants celebrity brows

And lucky for us, celebrities like microbladed brows. If you’re looking to capitalize on these events, it’s as easy as rounding up your favorite looks and making an article—and then including a section on how to get Hollywood-worthy brows.

(Through microblading, of course.)

Loved Ezra Miller’s first appearance at the MET Gala? Put him in. Think Lady Gaga made the biggest splash out of everyone there? List her down. Did Kim Kardashian’s wet dress make you drool? Put ‘er there.

It’s good for your SEO

Around the time of these events, people start Google searching for the usual keywords: ‘Oscars 2019’ or ‘Emmys best dressed’ or ‘MET Gala looks.’ It’s up to you to choose a keyword and to make an article of it.

Don’t be afraid to make it fun! The goal is to keep readers engaged so they’ll read up to the point where you mention your services.

Make sure to include Instagram posts, tweets, and photos that keep the article interesting! Plus, how else would you showcase these celebrities’ awesome looks without visuals?

Keep up with current events

Lots of celebrities are coming out as microblading enthusiasts. We have Demi Lovato, Mila Kunis, Mandy Moore, Adele, and Lorde, among others. These stars are even better for promoting your business!

Make sure to include Demi in your Grammys list, Mila in your Oscars, and Mandy in your Emmys. Then, mention their love for microblading and, voila! Instant promotion.

Everyone loves Hollywood

Even when they don’t want to admit it! Writing about it just makes sure your SEO stays flexed and your website stays relevant. Keep those views coming!

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