Aftercare Rules

When it comes to aftercare, one can’t leave anything to chance. Maintenance and aftercare can dictate how well or how badly a client’s microblading procedure will heal. These 8 microblading aftercare steps are essential in making sure clients’ brows heal fast and look good.

Why microblading aftercare rules are important

Aftercare and maintenance determine whether or not microblading ink settles quickly into the clients’ skin and whether or not the skin heals properly.

Improper aftercare can lead to the removal of ink pigment from the client’s skin. Because of this, some finished products end up looking botched, unfinished, or just plain ugly.

More importantly, however, is this: microblading can expose a client to infection. Since the process involves making tiny incisions in the skin (to inject the ink), there is a chance of bacteria entering the body.

Proper aftercare procedures minimize the risk of the skin coming into contact with foreign objects or anything else that could be harmful to the skin’s healing process.

The 8 essential microblading aftercare rules

The basic rule of aftercare is this: don’t expose the treated skin. Really, it’s as easy as telling clients not to let anything come into contact with the treated area.

That said, there are a few guidelines that are easy to remember and that keep the treated area safer.

1. Avoid activities that make you sweat.

Sweating isn’t just annoying. It can also be potentially harmful.

As the body sweats, bacteria can find their way quickly to exposed tissues. This may not only lead to irritation but also prevent the body from healing.

During the healing period, avoid any strenuous activities, saunas, and extended sun exposure.

2. Avoid spicy foods.

Lip microblading has more aftercare requirements compared to other procedures.

Spicy foods and other strongly-flavored food can burn the lips as it heals. This is not only painful but can also significantly slow down the healing process.

3. Avoid coming into contact with pets.

Painful as it may sound to have to take a break from cuddling with your furbabies, it’s essential to help hasten your skin’s healing.

Fur can irritate healing skin and cause infection because of the bacteria being carried by animal fur.

4. Use straws.

Liquids are a no-no when it comes to your skin’s healing process. Straws help microbladed lips from coming into direct contact with liquid, protecting your skin from irritation.

5. Use mouthwash.

Germs from inside your mouth can also cause problems. Start killing any germs before they cause problems by regularly brushing your teeth and using mouthwash.

6. Skip the contact lenses.

If you had eyeliner microbladed in, avoid using contact lenses as they can irritate the lash line. Similarly, contact lens solutions and eye drops can stop your lash line from healing.

Stick to glasses for the duration of the lash line’s healing process.

7. Skip the alcohol.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can also slow down the healing process. As your skin heals, it’s best to drinking only a glass or two–and only if you really need to. You can always go to margarita night once your eyebrows, lips, or lash line has healed.

8. Avoid makeup.

No matter what procedure you got, avoiding makeup is always a good idea.

Eyebrow makeup can irritate your brows as they heal. Meanwhile, eyeliner and mascara can damage your lash line. Similarly, lipstick can either irritate or dry your lips as they heal from a microblading procedure.

Aftercare is a commitment

Truth is, aftercare is more than just a few steps. It’s a month-long commitment. The healing process after microblading involves several stages:

  • Day 1 – Treated area looks perfect although color will look bolder than promised.
  • Days 2 to 4 – Treated area looks darker, sharper, and more intense.
  • Days 5 to 8 – Treated area will be flaking or scabbing off.
  • Days 9 to 10 – Treated area looks waxy as the skin is healing over.
  • Days 14 onwards – Treated area looks normal. Skin is evened out and smooth. However, skin is not yet completely healed.
  • Day 30: Treated area has now healed and is ready to return to its regular skin care routine.

It’s important for clients to stick to the complete aftercare guide to ensure that they are making the most out of their microblading procedure.

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