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Permanent makeup artists should take pride in their work. After all, there’s no chill day on the job for us microblading artists. Every single day requires the same level of dedication.

To help keep our community motivated, we’ve compiled a list of microblading artist bragging rights. Here’s to celebrating permanent makeup!

1. We make women feel beautiful and self-confident

People think cosmetics (be it temporary or permanent) is about changing how we look.

Well, we believe that “change” is a bad word to describe it.

Here are more accurate ones: transform, enhance, update, and upgrade. Why? Because the word “change” implies that we find our natural looks lacking. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, we just want to see a different version of ourselves. After all, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be trendy or stylish.

Looking good often means feeling good. When you like what you see in the mirror, you don’t have to worry about what other people think. Whether or not we realize it, that’s a lot of mental baggage we no longer have to carry around. We feel lighter. And we feel free.

And if doing something makes someone feel better, and if it doesn’t cause anyone harm, then why not do it, right?

Makeup, both temporary and permanent, is a fun and safe way to look and feel good. And as microblading artists, we make this possible for thousands of women around the world.

2. We help women retake control over their lives

Let’s face it—just how much time and money do we invest in our own makeup routines?

Maybe close to a thousand dollars a year? Plus thirty minutes to an hour of putting on makeup everyday? (One hour a day for five days a week is 260 hours a year.)

With permanent makeup, women can subtract eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip makeup from their budget and timeframe. It might not seem like a lot of resources saved, but it is.

If you cut your time and money budget by half, then you’re saving $500 and 130 hours annually. Think of where else you could put in those resources—your kids, your pets, your friends, or some other form of self-reward. You could take a spa day, save up for a trip, or buy a whole new outfit!

In fact, just an extra thirty minutes of sleep a day could do wonders for anyone’s mental and emotional well-being. Feeling well-rested means feeling like you can take on anything life throws at you!

As permanent makeup artists, we give women the freedom to decide what to do with their time. They’re no longer confined to hours upon hours of making sure they look presentable.

After two or three 1-hour procedures, they can be in-charge of their lives once more.

3. We help women battle anxiety

It’s no secret that there’s extreme pressure for women to look desirable. One devastating example is how young adult girls starve themselves just so they look thin (and therefore “hot”).

Not being considered “beautiful” can make some people feel extremely anxious and can even contribute to serious mental illnesses like depression.

Of course, makeup is but a band-aid solution. Ideally, we would live in a world where women can look however they want to look. But until then, permanent makeup can boost confidence and inspire self-love.

How microblading helped one woman battle anxiety

Take the case of Tina Peyton, for instance. In a brave account of her batte with anxiety, she described how microblading helped improve her life.
“One type of anxiety disorder I have dealt with is trichotillomania, where I have this compulsion to pick out my eyebrows and eyelashes during moments of stress,” she wrote.

“While I have been able to manage it, my eyebrows stopped growing after a while (luckily my eyelashes are still alive!),” Peyton added.
Peyton spent hundreds of dollars on makeup products to help her feel better about her brows, she said.

However, her anxiety would eat her up even more because she knew that she couldn’t stop picking at her arches and lashes.

Her eyebrow microblading session did wonders for her mental well-being. “When you are able to erase something negative and replace it with something positive, amazing things happen,” she wrote.

“For me, being able to ‘fill in’ what was taken out by my anxiety gave me hope and confidence that my anxiety isn’t me.”

Additionally, the permanent makeup also helped remind her not to pick at her brows. It made her more conscious about what she was doing, and, well, since it’s a tattoo, that means there’s nothing to pick anymore.


Being a permanent makeup artist means making a change—one procedure and one client at a time.

By helping give people the boost of self-confidence and self-love that they need, we enable them to be the best versions of themselves.
Become a microblading artist today.

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