microblading during summer

Summer is fast approaching and clients are about to flock to the internet to find the hottest microblading summer sales and offers.

For us microblading artists, summer is the perfect season to find new clients and reconnect with old ones. But there are also a few additional considerations to be made when performing microblading. So, strap on your sunglasses and let’s get refreshed (with information!).

Many clients get microblading during summer because it coincides with university summer breaks or vacation leaves from work. Beach trips are planned, wedding invitations get sent out, and bikini stores are flocked to. It’s fun all around.

While there’s not really much difference in microblading between the seasons, there are some points worth reminding to ensure smooth transactions all around.

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Tips for microblading during summer

The main issue with microblading during the summer is sun exposure and sweat. As we know, when a microbladed area is healing, the skin needs as much pampering as possible. Sun and sweat don’t count as pampering.

Keep these tips in mind when dealing with clients during beach season.

1. Warn clients about the healing period

Lots of people plan big events for summer. Nothing beats a beach wedding, after all! If your client has a big event coming up, make sure to remind them that the microbladed area takes some time to heal completely.

Depending on the clients’ skin, microblading healing periods may take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. If they’ll need to put on makeup during the event, they may want to schedule their microblading session at least a month before the big day.

While organic microblading rarely looks bad while the skin heals, it’s still better to have a fully informed client. It avoids any complications or bad reviews on the internet.

Here’s your client’s skin healing schedule as seen in our microblading aftercare guide:

Day 1: On the day of the procedure, the treated area will look perfect. The color of the brows or lips will be a little bolder than promised, but this is because the color will be fading in the next few weeks.

Day 2 to 4: For the next few days, the treated area will look darker, sharper, and more intense than expected. This is normal and not a cause for concern.

Day 5 to 8: On these days, the treated area may be flaking and scabbing off. This is also normal. Remind clients to not pick off any scabs. Otherwise, they might end up pulling out pigment deposits in the skin.

Day 9 to 10: The treated area will look waxy, as the body has done its job of healing the incisions in the skin. Clients need not panic if the treated area seems unsaturated or dull. The color will come back soon.

Day 14 onwards: By now, the color of the treated area has returned to normal. The color is now also evened out and smooth. However, the skin hasn’t yet completely healed at this point.

Day 30: The skin has now healed and is ready to return to your regular skin care routine.

2. Tell clients: Avoid sweat at all times

Whether it’s beach volleyball, a mountain hike, or some steamy post-jacuzzi bed warming, one thing needs to be clear. Sweat? It’s bad for the brows (or whichever area was microbladed).

During the healing period, the microbladed area shouldn’t be wetted by water, rain, sweat, blood, or any other liquids.

4. Postpone that beach trip

Unless they want to stay under an umbrella the whole time, that is.

Sun exposure will endanger your skin’s healing process. So will exposure to strong winds and other extreme weather conditions.

Clients should also avoid putting any chemicals (including sunscreen) during the first few stages of healing.

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5. Bye, margaritas

Even alcohol is a no-no during the healing period, so beach parties are slightly out of question. A few glasses won’t damage your microbladed area, but excessive drinking will definitely impede your skin’s healing process. (So will spicy food, by the way!)

Go and get that check, sis

All that said, don’t let these extra precautions stop you from getting more clients!

Responsible clients will take these into consideration before going to you for microblading, anyway. What’s important is you remind them, so they don’t come after you in case they “forgot” to not drink too much.

Take advantage of the summer season to offer summer-only or graduation sales, discounts, and deals!

Pro tip: Use summer-related photos in your social media posts, like a photo of a girl on a beach or of two friends clinking champagne. These photos are more likely to catch the attention of potential clients who are scrolling through their feed.

Did we get microblading during right? For comments or questions, drop by our comments section!

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