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You can’t do microblading with only your own two hands! Every permanent makeup artist needs the help of their trusty microblading equipment.

If you’re a beginner in the field, then here’s a guide to everything you’ll need to start your microblading business.

WARNING: Don’t just buy the cheapest equipment available!

Musicians don’t settle for cheap guitars—they get the best money can buy. After all, their life’s work depends on how well they get along with their guitar. Why would you settle for less than best?

When choosing equipment to purchase, always consider an item’s:

  • Durability. Is the item you’re buying going to last you years? It’s always better to invest now rather than end up panic-buying later.
  • Manufacturer. Is the manufacturer a trusted player in the microblading industry? Can they provide assistance should you need any? How’s their customer service? Find a manufacturer you trust, so you don’t regret your purchase later.
  • Reviews. Do your fellow microblading artists recommend this equipment? Find tools and equipment that work well for others, so you know what you’re getting.

Top 4 essential microblading equipment

When planning your purchases for your permanent makeup service, here’s what you’ll need to get started.

1. High-quality microblading blades (a.k.a. microblades)


Well, you can’t have microblading without blades, can you?

Quality blades are absolutely essential. Low-quality blades often result in messy finished products. To get clean and fresh results, you need to invest in blades that can keep up with you and your skills.

Finding quality microblading blades might seem daunting. (Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds on Amazon?!)

We recommend our very own Organic Permanent Makeup microblading blades at only $10 each.

Not only are these blades used by the very pioneer of the organic microblading industry. These are also used by all our permanent makeup artists and academy students, so you can be sure they’re of the highest quality possible.

Click the link below to view the product.




2. Microblading pigments in different colors and shades


When shopping for pigments, choose a brand that provides a wide variety of shades.

It’s important to clients that you can accommodate their skin tone, no matter what color they come in.

Consider getting organic microblading pigments, which are safer than traditional microblading pigments.

Since they’re made from food- and mineral-based dyes, there will be no harmful chemicals touching your clients’ skin.

High-quality organic pigments also do not fade into garish colors with time. You can assure clients that they won’t end up with blue or green eyebrows months after the procedure.




3. Topical numbing agents that protect your clients from pain


It’s impossible to perform a microblading procedure without a numbing agent.

Part of the appeal of microblading is that it only presents mild discomfort, not pain. Topical numbing agents make this possible.

Organic Permanent Makeup’s numbing system consists of two steps:

  1. One numbing gel for before the procedure
  2. One numbing gel to be applied during the procedure

This system ensures that clients barely feel anything during the procedure, letting them have a worry-free experience.




4. Microblading cyber skin pads for practice


No one is too good for some practice! Even experts need to work their hands from time to time. How else would they improve their skills?

For when you’re practicing your stroking skills or familiarizing yourself with your pigment colors, practice skins are here to help.

There are skins for eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, and areola practice. There are also skins for the whole face, if that’s what you prefer.

These skins have the same texture as real skin and hold the pigment very well, so it’s like you’re doing the real thing even though you’re not!



The rest of your shopping list

The four equipment mentioned above are essential to get you started, but that’s not everything you’ll need to kickstart your microblading services.

Here’s a quick list of other tools you’ll need to get going:

  • Latex-free rubber gloves to keep you and your client safe
  • Face masks to let you step in close to your clients’ faces without compromising safety
  • Adjustable overhead lighting to help you see better during the procedure
  • Stencils to help you master eyebrow shapes
  • Sanitized containers for sharp objects to keep them secure
  • Biohazard bags to safely dispose of materials after use

Don’t be afraid to invest!

Microblading may require you to spend a little money at first, but it sure pays off once you get your clients hooked!

Start shopping today, and you’ll be getting clients in no time.


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