Microblading For Men

Today, we’re talking about microblading for men. Specifically, how to market microblading for men. Because let’s be honest: microblading—and most of the beauty industry—is often marketed towards women.

And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly, the largest portion of beauty consumers is made up of women. However, if you’re not actively marketing your services to men, then you may be missing out on potential clients.

The factors that drive men and women into availing beauty services have significant differences. However, it doesn’t mean you need an entirely new marketing campaign. It just means you need to make different emphases in your messaging.

Statista predicts that, by 2024, the global male grooming market will be worth $29.14 billion. That should be enough motivation for anyone to begin considering men as part of their market.

However, if you need a bit more convincing, consider this. Microblading can fulfill a need that men might have never thought to fulfill. By offering your services, you offer them better time management, more self-confidence, and a way to practice self-care. Now, that’s quality customer service.

To market towards men…

you need to consider their needs. Their needs differ from women’s needs. Even biologically speaking. For instance, their skin is thicker and more oily. Facial wash companies therefore produce products that cater to men’s different biological makeup.

Lucky for us, microblading works as well on men as it does on women. You don’t need to customize any part of the microblading process itself, but you do need a way to make that process attractive to them.

To effectively market towards men (or anyone, really), you need to understand what drives them. What they value. What they want in life. So, we ask (and then answer) the question: what motivates men to invest in beauty in the first place?

What motivates men?

Surprisingly, it’s the same motivation women have: they want to look and feel good. In some cases, they also need to look and feel good, like when they’re the face of a business or if they want to score a date.

Either way, men also want to boost their self-confidence and attract people they’re attracted to, just like we women do. The difference is how they move forward with these motivations.

What men want from their beauty services

Unlike us women, men still have to deal with societal pressure when it comes to beauty. Generally, society has become more accepting of men who aren’t afraid to pop on a face mask. However, that’s not true for all men.

Some men still need to keep their need for beauty services low-key. While we wait for the rest of society to keep up with the times, it can help your business to give these men the luxury of discreetness.

Specifically, here’s what men want from their beauty services:

1. Undetectability

What men want is the equivalent of “no-makeup makeup.” They want to look good while pretending they made no effort to look good.

When marketing microblading for men:

  • Emphasize that microblading looks natural and unnoticeable. Mention that the goal of microblading is to “enhance and improve,” not “give a makeover.”
  • Make online consultations and appointments available. Men might not feel comfortable just walking into your salon. Giving them some semblance of anonymity might encourage them to reach out.

2. Health over beauty

When men begin investing in things like skin care, they don’t necessarily do it because it makes them feel fab. Some do it because their skin is practically begging for sustenance.

They want to look and be healthy at the same time.

When marketing microblading for men:

  • Emphasize that organic microblading is 100% safe for all skin types because of its all-natural ingredients. No harm, no foul, just better looks.
  • Use images that envoke thoughts of “health” and “wellness.” Tons of royalty-free images abound the web. Use them wisely!

3. Problem solving

When it comes to beauty, most men only think to seek help once a problem arises. Women, on the other hand, are more of “prevention is better than cure” people.

For instance, they wouldn’t consider scalp microblading unless the need suddenly arises. Therefore…

When marketing microblading for men:

  • Emphasize which problem the specific service is addressing. Is it hair loss? Dull lips? Patchy eyebrows? Mention the problem and why microblading is the best solution there is.
  • If possible, use actual photos of actual clients. You don’t have to show their faces, just the before and after photos of the treated area. It proves that you can solve the problem that needs solving.

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