Microblading In 2019

As supermodel Heidi Klum used to say about fashion on Project Runway, “One day, you’re in—and the next day, you’re out.”

This adage is certainly still true. It’s 2019, and the age of the Instagram brow is coming to an end. Wondering what the next big thing is?

Well, wonder no more. Here’s what this year’s hugest eyebrow trend is—and the role microblading is playing to bring it to our clients.

The biggest eyebrow trends in 2019

Current fashion and beauty trends are often responses to the trends that came before them.

For instance, the thick brows of the mid-2000s were a response to the ultrathin brows of the 90s. We went from going gaga over Drew Barrymore’s brows to envying Cara Delevingne’s on-fleek arches.

And then, for the last few years, “Instagram brows” were all the rage. These eyebrows are known for being perfectly shaped and blended. They look extremely polished and very high maintenance.

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And they are extremely high maintenance. Which is why eyebrows in 2019 are taking radically different approaches.

That’s right. There are two upcoming eyebrow trends in 2019. We’ll discuss what these trends are and how microblading is the best way to get either of them.

Get ready for: the all-natural brow

Given the difficulty of Instagram brows, it makes sense that the next big thing is simple and almost wash-and-wear. Here’s what an eyebrow expert has to say about the all-natural brow.

“People aren’t into that overdone Insta-brow with the highlighter that looks fake [anymore],” Boom Boom Brow Bar founder Malynda Vigliotti told Byrdie.

“Plus, it takes a whole lot of maintenance. [It’s] too involved, and it doesn’t look real,” she added.

The all-natural brow is the Instagram brow, but with an “I woke up like this” attitude. That means clients’ arches could still be filled in and shaped, but they will look far from perfect.

In fact, there will be stray hairs here and there, almost like the client was too lazy to pluck them before leaving home. Think lion mane brows, but not as wild.

These natural brows are easier to maintain and groom. And, with the ever-increasing workload clients have to face, the appeal is obvious and apparent. All-natural brows will significantly cut down on expenses and time previously dedicated to their brow routine.

Perfect for: Laidback clients who aren’t into makeup and who just want to look natural

How to get the look: To steal this look, the client should first either have (1) a natural, healthy growth of eyebrow hair or (2) eyebrow microblading to achieve a full brow effect. Afterward, all they need is monthly schedules with their eyebrow grooming salon to maintain the shape of their brows.

If they want a more made-up look, they can (1) Brush up the hairs using a clean mascara brush. The brow can also be set using clear or transparent mascara. (2) To modify the eyebrow color or add a bit of fullness, apply eyebrow gel lightly and sparingly to the front of the brow, avoiding the tail.

In this corner: the contoured brow

Of course, there’s no need to take a full 180-degree turn. Clients can opt for a look that’s still polished but without the high skill level required to pull off the Instagram brow. But what is the contoured brow, you ask?

“This look is a pared-back take on the Instagram brow and is all about clean edges, accentuated arches, and tapered tails,” Benefit Cosmetics’ National Brow Artist, Hannah Mutze told InStyle Australia.

“The clue is in the name, as this brow works to lift, frame, and contour your facial features!” she added. “Think: eye brightening, nose-slimming, and facelifting! I love this look, as it flatters faces of all shapes, sizes, and ages.”

While this look still takes a little work, it’s a routine that’s a lot more beginner-friendly than the IG brow. This look will also easily appeal to clients who are looking to highlight certain areas of their faces.

Perfect for: Clients who prefer a more polished look but who don’t want to go overboard

How to get the look: (1) Apply color on the brow, using a lighter color in the front and a darker one on the eyebrow’s tail. Ensure that the tail is tapered, meaning it ends on a thin, neat point. This will serve to give the overall look a “lifted” effect. (2) Define and highlight the brow by using highlighter around the edges. Apply highlighter on the brow bone, as well.

Microblading in 2019

Some might say that, with the death of the Instagram eyebrow, comes the death of microbladed eyebrows. This goes to show how little they know of eyebrow microblading.

Microblading done right always looks natural. Whether the client wants an extremely made up look or wash-and-wear arches, true microblading artists can get the job done.

In fact, with many women still recovering from too-thin arches or barely there brows, the demand for microblading isn’t going down anytime soon. To achieve either the all-natural brow or the contoured brow, clients will need full, healthy-looking eyebrows as their base.

The only real change in how we’re doing microblading is the shape and the color. Clients will want less-defined eyebrow shapes and colors that are closer to their natural brow color. That’s it.

Being a microblading artist comes with a set of challenges (and bragging rights, too, of course!). There’s no need to worry about what 2019 will bring to our clinics, too.

Looking for more news on microblading? 2019 has just begun, and we’re covering all the latest and greatest in eyebrow updates. In the meantime, check out our Microblading 101 series for any basics you might have missed:

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