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Startup and small microblading businesses get nervous about opening themselves to reviews. After all, negative reviews can impact sales, and frankly, it’s hard to hear bad feedback about something you’ve poured your heart, soul, time, and money into.

But client reviews—good and bad—are a gold mine. In fact, microblading reviews can help elevate your business by pulling in more clients, helping you improve your services, and boosting your SEO.

Here’s how to use client reviews to help your microblading business.

Why you shouldn’t shy away from microblading reviews

Reviews are everywhere, even if you don’t sign up on Yelp or launch a Facebook page. People are always posting about their experiences on social media. Even an innocent “Had a fun time at my microblading session today!” can help attract potential clients to your business.

Opening up your business to reviews means taking control over what’s being said by whom. You get to monitor what people say, and you get to reply to them all, if you want. But that’s not all there is to opening microblading reviews.

Here are all the reasons you shouldn’t hide from client reviews.

1. Reviews boost your SEO (and help clients find you)

Imagine how many clients you’d have if, every time someone searched for microblading in their area, it was your business that popped up. Search engines are crucial to your business’ online presence, especially if you rely on online marketing.

Search engines like Google look at review ratings from different sites when they rank search results. The higher the ratings your business has, the more likely you’ll rank higher.

And it’s not just Google, either. Yelp and Facebook follow the same principle; the better the review, the higher up you’ll be.

To add to that, there are numerous apps that use review data to help shoppers choose where and what to buy. Thrive Hive reports that more than 100,000 developers use Yelp reviews alone. And those developers? They include Apple and Microsoft.

2. Reviews help clients trust your business

As a consumer yourself, are you more likely to trust a well-reviewed business or a business without a single review? Reviews let us see how other clients like the business and therefore help us decide based on their recommendations.

Thrive Hive reports that close to 90% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When clients do their research on which microblading service to get, a bunch of good reviews can definitely swing things in your favor.

3. Reviews are basically word-of-mouth marketing

As we’ve mentioned, reviews aren’t limited to the write-ups left on your Facebook page or commented on Yelp. They’re also innocent posts on social media mentioning your business or using your hashtag. If they provided feedback in any form, then that’s considered a review.

Posts like these can do wonders for your business. In fact, they’re the foundation upon which influencer marketing was built.

Individuals making an unpaid, unsponsored recommendation are extremely effective. They’re genuine, and they’re written to cater to an incredibly specific market: the individual’s social groups and followers. And, as we know, the more targeted the market, the more effective the messaging is.

Using a hashtag and monitoring it can help you keep track of what people are saying about your business.

4. Reviews tell you what clients think

Reviews don’t exist just so clients can tell other potential clients what they like about your business. They exist so you can know what their thoughts are, too.

Microblading reviews provide you with essential feedback so you can improve your customer service. They’ll also help you keep track of which employees fare best with client interaction and which ones might need a seminar or two.

No business starts out perfect—you’ll mess up at one point, and clients will definitely point that out as it happens. Don’t stress out too much; after all, humans run businesses, and humans are far from faultless.

What matters is how you handle it. Social media is a public place, and everyone will see how you react to negative feedback.

So, stay polite. Never engage. Simply apologize and ask how you can improve your service in the future.

5. Reviews let you maintain client relationships

Good reviews are a business boost. By thanking clients for their kind words, you’re already cultivating a relationship with them. You make them feel listened to and valued.

And clients who feel valued are more likely to return the favor—they’ll continue to patronize your business because they like the relationship you have.

How to get microblading reviews for your business


Now that we’ve established how effective reviews are, let’s talk about how to get them.

1. Make it easy for clients to review your business

That means setting up all the necessary channels so they can leave a review. The most common review systems are Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, and your own website.

Facebook Pages have a built-in review system, so you don’t really need to do much else there.

As for Google, you should make sure your business appears on Google Maps, so clients can leave reviews. Here’s a tutorial on that.

Yelp also requires that you list your business or that you claim an existing listing. Here’s their support document on the topic.

And, finally, a review system on your website can be installed using a WordPress plug-in. Check out different review plug-ins or ask your web developer to recommend the best performing one available.

2. Ask clients to leave a review

After providing them with your service, ask your clients to leave a review on one or more of your channels. They’ll likely be more than willing to help a start up business.

You can also provide them with an incentive. For instance, by leaving a review on at least two channels, they can claim a 10% discount on the next service they get from you. You can also hold a regular online raffle where you choose a random reviewer to give a discount to every month or so.

3. Take the time to reply to clients

This is crucial. Never leave a bad review unreplied. No matter how negative the feedback is, always respond in a manner similar to this:

Hi, (Name). We sincerely apologize for (what happened). Can you leave us with your number so we can call you? We’d be glad to provide any assistance, answer your questions, and address other concerns.

Rest assured that we will take the necessary steps to avoid similar instances in the future. We’re always striving to improve as service providers, and we thank you for your time to give us your thoughts.

Keep all comments polite and professional. Under no circumstances should you address a customer in a hostile manner.

You can also choose to block comments containing profanity as necessary, as well as block that user from commenting in the future. Nuisance reviewers or trolls should not be tolerated, as well.

4. Use reviews to your advantage

Who says reviews need to stay reviews? Why not turn them into content?

Positive feedback can be featured on your website or on your social media through images or videos.

Better yet, contact a reviewer and ask them if they would be willing to go on camera to provide a video review. (Make sure to offer an incentive!)

You can also get your writer to interview them and write articles revolving around their experience. All these content can be distributed to all your platforms and sent out via newsletter, too.

Reviews are benchmarks for success

Starting your own microblading business can be daunting, and reviews can add tons of pressure you seriously don’t need right now.

Client feedback is important, especially in a profession that depends on clients to survive and thrive. However, you can learn to embrace reviews—and let them help you instead of haunt you. What do you have to lose? Nothing, really.

But once you open up to reviews, you have everything to gain.

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