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Microblading has taken the cosmetic industry by storm and it’s no wonder there is a rise in the number of microblading school, too. This procedure is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that helps people get the eyebrows that are perfect for their face, thicker, and fuller.

If you want to add this skill to your arsenal, it’s important to become a certified microblading artist. You can’t expect to offer this service without having a microblading certification especially in the United States. Apart from having to go through several hours of microblading training, you can always search the internet for additional information like how to find the best microblading pen or pigments.

Although microblading is a minor surgical procedure, the microblading artist who will perform the procedure needs to have a certified license, especially here in the US.

Attend A Microblading School and Get Certified

Attend microblading classes that are approved by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and the American Academy of Micropigmentation. It is not a good idea to take classes that are not certified by any of these organizations.

You should avoid microblading schools that offer less than 100 hours of training. Be careful of microblading courses that last less than six days, or those that are unreasonably cheap. They are most likely scams and your certification won’t be honored. You don’t want to waste time and money on classes that are useless.

Once you have found a reputable microblading class, enroll and start training. Your course will include theory discussion, teacher demonstrations, and hands-on. If you took up classes with a microblading trainer who is doesn’t live in the area then you can expect the fee to be a bit pricey.

Once you have completed your training, the next thing to do is get your official documentation. The certificate must explicitly detail that you have completed the needed training. The name of your school and your training should be indicated and their logo and sign affixed on the document. Don’t forget to take a photo of a live-work you’ve completed with a real patient.

Microblading School: Getting Certified

Become an apprentice – after finishing the required total number of hours on your microblading school, you can’t offer the service to paying customers just yet. You still have to be an apprentice and render a specified number of hours as such. You can check the online directory of the SPCP or AAM for a list of members who can take you in as their intern. Some offer this for free while others ask for a fee.

Join SPCP or AAM – you need to pay a membership fee if you wish to be part of the SPCP or AAM. Both groups are popular, AAM on a national scale while SPCP’s reach extends abroad. You may also sign up for a test from either of the two organization. They both offer their exams for a small fee and submission of certain requirements. These include a photo ID, BPS certificate, AAM or SPCP membership, and proof that you have completed microblading training.

Become BPS certified – apart from the microblading training, you can take a BPS course. The Blood Borne Pathogens class follows the OSHA’s standards so you can be sure that you are learning from the best.

Get a License

Get a license from your local health department – if you really to work as a microblading artist, you need to acquire a license from the department of health. It will cover tattooing, cosmetology, and permanent makeup. If you want to have higher chances of getting the license, be sure to have great personal hygiene and know how to take care of your equipment.

Meet The Standards – all microblading artists are required to adhere to the national standards. Remember, you are dealing with real patients. You need to know what should and shouldn’t be done if you don’t want to lose your license and pay a hefty fine.

Reminders When Looking For A Microblading School

Be careful of microblading trainers who do not want to reveal where the training will take place unless you make the deposit. If they’ve provided it to you, be sure to get it in writing. Ask for a detailed written explanation of what the course entails. This should include what you will learn and the things you need to bring while training.

In case the microblading class says you will practice on live models, your instructor must be licensed and should have insurance that will cover any liability issues. Even if you have insurance but you are not a licenced microblading artist, your coverage doesn’t include procedures that you are not certified in.

Insurance Is Important

In case something goes wrong with the model you are working on like an anaphylactic allergic reaction, for instance, you don’t want to be held liable, right? You should also ask for a written agreement before paying for anything. The course should indicate that your training won’t be canceled except for emergencies like a death in the family. The contract should also stipulate what will happen if the course is canceled. Will get your money back? If the school asks for payment first before the contract, you need to run and find another one.

Do Your Research

Trust your instincts. You’ve worked really hard for the money you’ll use to pay for the microblading class. If at the very beginning, you feel that something is off, trust your instincts. Do your due diligence before paying and signing a contractor. Don’t rely on social media only.

Do your research well. If a microblading academy doesn’t have a good reputation, you won’t get that much information about them. But those who are extremely popular have no reason to fly under the radar. They will have several ads online and offline. Plus, a lot of people can attest to the quality of service they provide.

Search for reviews and join forums. These are the best sources of information about the microblading school where you are planning to go to. Just be sure the forums and review sites are independent of any microblading school or company.

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