microblading supplies

We previously shared what we believe are essential microblading tools and equipment. Now, we’re talking about the lesser known but just-as-important microblading supplies you’ll need in your career. Ready to see our list?

Choosing the right tools factors in the success of your microblading procedures. Like we’ve always said: the higher the quality of your tools, the higher the quality of your results.

Even if you’re just looking for gloves or face masks, it always pays to invest in high-quality supplies. As mentioned before, hen buying microblading supplies, always consider the items’:

  • Durability. Is the item you’re buying going to last through your procedure? Or will it break in the middle of you fixing a client’s brows?
  • Manufacturer. Is the manufacturer a trusted player in the microblading industry or a random supplier? Can they provide you with assistance should something go wrong? How fares their customer service? Make sure to find a manufacturer you trust, so you don’t regret your purchase later.
  • Reviews. Do your fellow microblading artists recommend this equipment? Find tools and equipment that work well for others, so you know what you’re getting.

Five microblading supplies you didn’t know you needed

1. Cyber practice skins

microblading suppliesmicroblading supplies

Microblading is a skill that should be constantly practiced and improved through experience. The top microblading artists in the industry have undergone rigorous training and years of practice.

The budding artist’s best friend in microblading training is the cyber practice skin. These practice skins mimic real skin and allow you to practice your strokes as if you were working on a real client. Good quality cyber practice skins will also effectively absorb pigment.

There are different practice skins available on the market, from 3D practice heads with replaceable practice faces and flat practice skins for the eyebrows and lips.

Price: Flat skins range from $10 to $45; 3D skins range from $25 to $125

2. Disposable adhesive rulers

microblading supplies

Symmetrical eyebrows are head-turning eyebrows. As microblading artists, it is our goal to make evenly-shaped, good-looking arches.

To help us achieve this, we use disposable adhesive rulers that can easily be stuck on the forehead to assist drawing.

These rulers also make for easy peeling off after the microblading procedure.

Price: $1 every 100 pieces

3. Correction pigment

microblading suppliesThere will be times when a client will approach you for a touch-up on faded or incorrectly-shaped eyebrows. Faded pigments are retouched using the appropriate color pigment while shape issues can be corrected by using camouflage.

Camouflaging bad tattoos with correction pigment doesn’t come with any pain or discomfort. All you need to do is use safe, all-natural, and organic correction pigments.

These correction pigments are water-based and do not contain any alcohol or iron oxide, which make them gentle on the skin. They are also 100% smudge-free, with no bleeding in the treated area.

Price: $75

4. Microblading manual pen

microblading supplies

Bulky microblading machines prove difficult to transport for long-distance clients. Luckily, handy, disposable microblading manual pens sell for cheap in the market. You won’t need electrical power when doing microblading procedures with a disposable manual pen, either.

Just remember: when choosing a disposable microblading manual pen, you have to carefully consider the quality of the blade.

Note also that these are for one-time use only.

Price: $10

5. Microblading accessories set

microblading suppliesOPM’s Permanent Makeup Technician Accessories Set is complete with the necessary accessories you will need for any microblading procedure.

The set includes multipurpose scissors, LED-lighted tweezers, a disposable eyelash brush, and a water-based white gelly roll gel pen.

  • Multipurpose scissors are often used for manicures and pedicures, eyebrow trimming, and hair removal.
  • LED-lighted tweezers have a light attached at the base so light shines in the perfect spot, making unwanted hairs easy to find. The sturdy grip of these tweezers and the fine, pointed edge makes problem hairs easy to grip and remove. You only need to press the button to activate the light on these tweezers!
  • The disposable eyelash brush is perfect for separating eyelashes before and/or after mascara application.
  • Water-based white gel pens allow you to draw smooth, odorless lines on the clients’ face and body.

Price: $35

Start shopping microblading supplies today!

There’s no reason to delay your microblading supplies shopping spree. After all, you’ll need these handy tools to get ahead in the industry.

Visit our store today to get your fix of microblading essentials. We have everything from organic pigments to the best microblading machine in the market to a fabulous beauty blender.

Happy shopping!

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