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The trending way of shaping the brow is through microblading. If you are currently in the cosmetic and fashion industry, or interested to be part of it, you may start by taking up a microblading training to cater your needs.

Look for a  provider that will give you everything you need to become the best microblading artist. There are options for you to choose from of which many can vouch that indeed these trainings have helped them.

Basic Microblading Course

OPM Organic Microblading Brow

This is for beginners who would like to acquire the basics of microblading. However, basic as it may seem, through this training, you will be able to acquire the most fundamental knowledge and skills. Of course, the techniques presented are all important for you to become a master in microblading. You will find the steps presented in simple manner so anyone can learn it.

Why Enroll in a Basic Microblading Course?

The best thing about many microblading training that is worth your money especially if you are a beginner is when it offers hands-on and online training. The hands-on training may last for 2 days and an additional training can be 8 or more weeks which is done online. Both are important because the hands-on will establish your skills in applying the pigments using the microblades with an immediate feedback from the trainer. On the other hand, the online training will enable you to review the videos and learn at your own pace. The online training is a supplementary training of which trainees can review the videos as often as they can.

There may be instances when students are not able to complete the entire training for the span of 8 weeks. Microblading training provider will let the students retake the training at discounted prices. However, there are also those who will be able to finish the training earlier but still can access the videos to review or recall some techniques presented.

Getting Certified

Once the training is complete, trainees will receive the certification.

During the basic microblading training, you will not only be introduced with techniques in microblading but also you will learn about color selection, brow designs and corrections and other applicable techniques in microblading. You will also be able to learn how to apply pigments with the correct pressure on the skin. You will also be able to learn about microblading hair stroke patterns, determination of the depth of putting in the pigments, and other related techniques.

Since you will be interacting with clients before, during and after the microblading procedure, trainees are taught with proper consultation techniques and ways to build rapport with the clients as well as how to process and or handle payment terms for the microblading services.

You will also be able to get information about the basic foundation of microblading. You will acquire knowledge about colors, permanent make-up and skin anatomy.

Supplies, tools and equipment and their proper use, sterilization and storage will also be shared during the microblading training.

Most of the microblading trainings include microblading kits for the students to start receiving clients. These are color pigments, needles, microlight, practice skins, eyebrow repair gel, shaping pencils, sticky rules and other tools.

For many of the aspiring microblading artists, the basic microblading training course is right type of training but if you want to get more advanced techniques and join the pool of microblading masters, then you may take the advance course.

 Microblading Brow Advance Training Course

OPM Organic Microblading Brow

This advance microblading brow course will enable trainees to acquire digital and manual microblading skills. This course allows you to enhance and perfect your skills in microblading. Many schools offer this for two (2) days. Through this training, you learn more techniques in microblading which focus on brow correction and removal. You will be skillful on mixing colors, correcting designs and removing tattoos.

Work on Live Models

Trainees in order to acquire the advance skills in microblading, will be working on live models. This allows rigid practice on color and design correction and tattoo removal. Through this advance training and instructions, the trainer demonstrates the techniques and students will have their return demonstration on how such techniques they learned are done appropriately.

While doing the microblading techniques, the trainees will be given immediate feedback so they will be able to find out what is correct and how to do the microblading correctly. This is the road to mastery of the skills since students will know how to improve and perform the techniques.

This course is for advance techniques in microblading so this prepares the trainees to become Master Artist Program like for OPM trainees who show excellent skills. If you aspire for the best, this kind of microblading training is for you.

An Advance Training

This training provider will also allow you to advance into Master Course which is offered by OPM with their trademark course OPM Organic Brow Master Course. In this master course, trainees will learn about perfecting the OPM digital microblading machine, use of organic pigments, color and design corrections and removal of tattoo with the use of OPM eraser.

However, there are requirements to become eligible for the said one of a kind course. The trainee should either have completed the Organic Brow Course or have completed a minimum of 50 procedures. For the latter, before and after photos with the permission of the clients are required. This means, the trainees have proven that they have the potential to do microblading. They are skillful enough to acquire more techniques in microblading.

The Organic Brow

You might have heard about organic brow. This offered by OPM where the microblading founder shares about organic microblading. Pigments come from all-natural ingredients such as plant and mineral-based pigments. This type of pigments allow quicker absorption to any skin type and the skin will also heal faster. The organic pigments also do not fade into green or blue ink and they last longer too.

So if you are looking for the best microblading training provider, ask about organic brow so you can also offer the best for your clients to be. This is something unique of which not all training schools can offer. Click here now.

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Lorine Mekhaeil

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