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We’ve seen reviews from clients and students. Now, it’s time to check out the opinions of other microblading technicians about our microblading training courses. These people know what they’re doing, and we’re glad we’ve been getting good reviews!

Microblading remains a fantastic way to connect with clients over our mutual love of beauty. That’s why we designed our microblading training courses to give you all the skills you need to make your clients happy.

Organic microblading allows clients to have a safe and risk-free procedure that also gives them incredible-looking permanent makeup. If you haven’t heard: organic ink pigments last longer and never fade into unseemly blue or green hues.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve compiled a bunch of reviews that we hope will convince you that organic microblading is the future of the industry. So, without further ado, check out these reviews of our microblading courses!

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Organic microblading is doctor-recommended

microblading training courses

Even rejuvenation medicine experts love our organic microblading procedures. Here’s an endorsement:

“We are thrilled to see a non-invasive procedure which inserts pigments in the superficial layer of the skin. This form of technique is safe and effective for those that who are in need of enhancing their looks. Since the procedure is very non-invasive, there is no bleeding, downtime, nor scabbing, compared with other tattoo or regular permanent procedures in the market today.

The technique that [Lorine] has developed paired with a machine which has rotating magnets that would limit the skin puncture, as compared to a machine for tattoo procedures, is a new and advanced technique which differs in comparison to general tattoo procedures; by pigmenting in the epidermis using concentrated organic dyes which vastly differs from tattoo. I would also like to state that the use of light pressure techniques does not draw blood nor cause scabbing as would the technique used for original tattoo procedures.

I believe that Lorine has invented a new concept of micro pigmentation, the results of which are so natural.”

Dr. Fouad Ghaly, MD
Rejuvenation Medicine

Microblading technicians review our microblading training courses

Microblading Training Course

Our microblading training courses garnered tons of positive comments on Yelp. Check them out here:

“I came in with my mom just for moral support and was talked into getting my brows microbladed. At first I was a bit skeptical being that I’m an esthetician and I’m very picky and particular. Joy did such an amazing job making my brows more symmetrical and fuller. The process was quick, professional and painless!!! Not to mention the whole staff was friendly and very supportive of one another. As a professional in this industry I HIGHLY recommend getting permanent makeup here. Thank you so much ladies…. you saved my life/brows!!!!”

Tiara J.
Sappington, Missouri

“Awesome class here at OPM. Comparing to my previous 2 training from other places, definitely this is the best! I’ve been doing permanent make up for 3 years and being open to perfect my skill. I can’t wait to go back to my clients and give much more improve service to them. Thank you, Lorine..!”

Yenny S.
Diamond Bar, California

“I traveled from Toronto, Canada to join the permanent makup classes. This is my second class with OPM and worth every penny. Always learning new techniques and hands on training. My business has flourished since my first class last year. I’m excited to go home and and use my new up-to-date technique on my clients.”

Naomi S.
Toronto, Canada

“Today is my last day of training, and I hate to leave the academy. I have thoroughly enjoyed the staff. Owner Lorine has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate [about] contributing excellence to the industry. And along with Instructor Joy and Instructor Nancy, they make an excellent team. Instructions were given with firmness and kindness. Much detail and examples were provided. Besides, the class being very informative it was fun. I highly recommend OPM.”

Leticia B.
Salinas, California

Enroll in microblading training courses today!

Well, what are you waiting for? Our microblading training courses will get your career where you need it to go: ahead. As we always say, if you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best.

Headed by a pioneer in the organic microblading industry, our founder and lead instructor Lorine Mikhaeil will provide insights on microblading that no one else can give you.

To see our full list of courses, click here:


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