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Microblading is already prominent in different places all over the world. In many permanent make-up boutiques and spa, this procedure has grain popularity and many show preferences to this type of brow. If you are one of those who are interested to offer microblading services, attending a microblading class is the first step to take. In many countries, certification may not be required in their law but if you are certified, you will gain the trust of many clients. Hence, it is advised that you enroll in a microblading training and get certified.

Read on and get more information as to how you will be able to gain certification as microblading artist.

Choose the Right Microblading School

OPM Academy

When choosing a microblading class, it is important that the training provider has approved American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) or Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). These organizations are providing microblading certifications. Once the training provider has one or both certifications, that only manifest that they follow the protocols of the association and that safety of the procedure is their utmost concern. To find out for AAM and SPCO certified providers or trainers, you may visit their official websites to make sure you are in the right path.

Get Trained

Since microblading is already popular, be wary about training providers mushrooming in the industry. They offer trainings which may not be favorable by attracting you to a lesser training hour and a promise that you can easily acquire the skills. This is a red flag. You cannot just earn the certification the easiest way. If you want to gain the knowledge and skills and offer the best services to your clients, then quality training is what you need.

Read Reviews

If you are confused on what microblading training school to trust, reviews can help you. Online, you will be able to read overwhelming reviews. Just limit your readings to reviews of at least top 5 providers near your place.

Now, you may enroll and attend the training. Expect for techniques on microblading and other knowledge to be shared to you. You have to listen to lectures, watch demonstrations, videos, work on homework, practice on live models and read different resources which are important in performing microblading. You will also learn how to start the business and get more clients in microblading.

While on training, do not forget the documentations for they are required in getting certified. The completion of the training should have a proof too. This is what you are going to present when you want to take AAM and SPCP examinations.

Get your Certification

If you cannot be certified unless you completed your apprenticeship. Thus, you have to apply as an apprentice in a local microblading technician. This is necessary if you have not completed the required number of hours or if you feel that your skills are not yet adequate. There is nothing to worry on who will accept you as apprentice. You may browse online and look for microblading artist that offer apprenticeship. There are paid and free apprenticeship offered by different certified microblading technicians.

Do not forget to get recognized by prestigious organizations. The certification is a ticket for more clients in microblading. Then all pass the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard (BPS) course for cheaper price.

Become a Microblading Artist


Once you are done with the microblading training and you are already certified, there are other preparations to take to ensure you will have a successful microblading business.

License as Microblading Artist

Obtain a license from the Department of Health. You should be legally working as microblading artist. Make sure you have a license from the Department of Health. Remember, you will be dealing with the human skin. It should be done healthy and hygienic to gain the trust of your clients. To apply for this license, you may ask for an application form and comply with the requirements. Aside from the requirements related to your ability as microblading artist, you may be required of a particular equipment and facility.

Cosmetic Regulations and Standards

Adhere to the cosmetic regulation standards. The law requires you to be always safe in dealing with your clients. Remember, that is permanent make-up. You touch the human skin, and that injury or infection can be possible. However, there are preventions and safety precautions on this that you need to religiously follow to avoid problems. Always comply with the standards and adhere to safety practices.

Aftercare Rules

In a certain area, there may be microblading requirements which you really need to follow. Each place may have different regulations, so you need to know about this.

Inviting Clients

Invite Clients. Once you start your microblading business, make sure you have considered and followed the above suggestions. There may be other things to comply and ensure that everything is set. Your first ever paying client will tell so much about you as microblading artist. But do not worry for you can learn everything from the microblading training.

The word of the mouth is your best advertisement. People will tell about your services and their satisfaction level to the microblading procedure you have performed.

You can also make use of the internet to advertise. Use the before and after photos (make sure you have obtained permission) of your clients to showcase have you have improved your clients’ looks.

Try Organic Microblading

There are so many boutiques offering this type of permanent make-up services but you can always make a difference. Try to consider the use of organic brow, 100% all-natural pigments made from plants and animals. The pigments can last longer and that colors will not turn green after several months of application. The procedure is pain free and the brows can easily heal. Try to browse for OPM microblading, find out the microblading training you think can be best for you and take advantage of the organic pigments for microblading and try it yourself. Once you offer this to your clients, they will surely love your services.

At OPM, you will not only be learning the basics of microblading. You can also take the opportunity of becoming a master in microblading. Visit us here for more details.

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