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The cosmetic industry now offers a more spectacular way of looking great through microblading, the procedure of designing the eyebrows which last longer that just using an ordinary pen. Observably, this kind of procedure has been highly sought by many; but anybody could not just do it without proper microblading training and certification.

It takes microblading training for one to get certified as microblading artist. No one is allowed to perform microblading without certification.

Now if you already have decided to become one of the certified microblading artists, you first step is really to attend a microblading training.

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How to Choose a Microblading Training School

It is very important to find out if the microblading training provider is also certified and approved by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

Training Hours

Check on the microblading training hours the provider offers. Schools that will let you pay for lesser number of hours like less than 100 hours are not good choices. Usually lesser number of training hours is offered in exchange for cheaper cost. While indeed, you can have huge savings, the quality of the training is also compromise.

However, be also mindful of the expensive microblading training which you believe will give you the best training because of its cost. The cost is not always associated to quality. There are other factors to consider. It is very important to hit your goal – to learn microblading and master the skills of doing it.

The Trainer

The trainer is another important factor in the training since they facilitate the learning process, demonstrate the necessary skills, and guide you during the hands-on activities. Being the source of knowledge and skills, the trainer needs to be certified too and can show you the qualifications required of them.

Aside from the certifications and other credentials, reviews about the trainer also matter. The way the microblading training is handled may enable you to learn microblading or you might just waste your money if you only learn a few or nothing.

Those who have already attended the microblading training can tell about their fruitful or disgusting experiences with the trainer; hence, it pays to read reviews. Research is always the key. Researching may be taking so much of your time, but it is the best way to know more about the microblading training provider.

What does the microblading training include?

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The training will let you understand the skin types and the anatomy of the skin. These are important knowledge you need to understand in microblading since you will be doing pigmentation in the skin and should consider how deep your microblade penetrates in order to have best results. If you will do this at the outmost layer of the skin, this will affect the color and the longevity of the tattoo.

Another knowledge that will be offer to you is about the color combination. The color theory will enable you to understand this aspect. The skin color widely varies and the color to be applied in the skin may not be also the same. You need to consider the skin color.

You will also be discussing about techniques on how to deal with your clients’ who have diverse and special needs. Others have instructions about the designs and colors of their brows which you also have to consider. Building rapport with the customers is one of the important things in getting your business going.

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The trainers will impart the way microblading should be properly done. The microblading training will not just tell you how to do it; it shows how to do it. While the trainer demonstrates, you will be observing what and listening carefully to the corresponding instruction. This demonstration will show how deep the microblading is and what part of the skin you have to work on with the needles to make best results.

The demonstration during the microblading training will also show designing techniques and the uses of different microblading tools. Whatever is demonstrated will also be performed by you during the hands-on.


During the microblading training, hands-on is a must. You cannot just listen and register in your mind what to do. Performing microblading with the guidance and assistance of your trainer will allow you to learn more of the skills needed.

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During the hands-on practice, you might be able to find out what more should you ask from the trainer and how would you be able to satisfy your clients.

Microblading is a skill and this needs practice; hence, hands-on is very important. It should be part of the training; otherwise, the skills you will obtain from the training may not be that helpful.

Add -ons

Add-ons may be in a form of business roadmap, microblading tools or instruments which come in set, and after training support. Some training school includes all or some of these in the training package. This is to ensure that you will be able to start right away once the necessary documents and you can now legally start the business.

Preparing to Start the Microblading Services

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Once you are done with the microblading training, certification follows which manifest that you have completed the training requirements. This document is very essential. It bears the name of the training, the school or the provider and other important marks to support its authenticity.

Prepare for an apprenticeship. You cannot just accept clients after the microblading training. There is a specific number of hours which you can render microblading services with supervision.

Then get a license from the local health department. Make sure you met the standards required from the microblading artist.

Once done with the certification and apprenticeship requirements, you may now start the microblading service business. You deal with your clients appropriately and they will be able to appreciate your work. Their word of the mouth will help you to generate more people to trust your microblading business.

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