The decision to enroll in a microblading training sparks from your interest of becoming a microblading artist and to establish an income avenue out of it. There might be those who have joined the training and end up with nothing. This does not mean that the microblading business is not for them but one contributing factor is that, they failed to choose the right training provider.

How will you know that the microblading training is right for you?

         Ask about the knowledge and skills you will gain from the training. You need to ask the list of knowledge and skills you expect to learn from the training. If they cannot discuss with you what are those, then, that is a red flag!

The following are the essential knowledge and skills you will acquire after the training.

The Human Skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body. It has three layers such as the epidermis, the thin layer protecting the skin from any foreign substances that get through it; the dermis, is the next layer containing collagen, the elastic tissue; and the subcutaneous layer, also known as the fat layer.

You need to know which layer the microblading should be performed to make it long lasting and how you are going to manage the sensitive skin of your clients. Take note, that when your target area for microblading is the epidermis, that is too shallow and will easily be faded; the target layer is the dermis where you can find the subcutaneous gland which create the sebum, the skin’s natural oil which hydrates the skin and also prevent the dirt from the outside to get inside the skin.

You need to know and know more about this specially that skin types vary from one client to another. The microblading training should include this essential knowledge.



Designing and Shaping the Brow. This is an artist thing. However, there are techniques of doing this that your need to know, learn and practice. There are basics and more advanced skills that you should learn from the microblading training. The best training provider will give you these techniques that even newbies can easily learn. There are also ready-made brow design patterns to work on for the task to be easily done.

Learning how to design and shape the brow is very essential and a mere demonstration from the trainer is not enough. The trainer needs to introduce the techniques and allows you to do a guided practice. This is the skill where you need to invest more time and effort.

microblade training


Post Treatment Procedures. You need to take care of your clients after the microblading procedure. You should know how and give these ideas and instructions to your clients too to ensure that these are followed all the time.

Sterilization and Sanitation. There is a proper way of cleaning and sterilizing your microblading instruments. Maintaining these microblading essentials are crucial specially so that there are issues about hygienic practices among microblading artists. Once you know how sterilization and sanitation are done the appropriate way, that will make your business long lasting and more people will trust you.

Disposal of microblade I the sharps container is also very essential. They need to be single use and proper disposal is necessary and should be well planned.

Parts of the need to be carefully and thoroughly washed too. There is a solution to be used to keep them sanitized.

A lot of maintenance tips will also be offered in the microblading training. Everything should be learned and do not just take this for granted when introduced by your trainer.

Client Eligibility for Microblading. This is another important thing to learn. Your clients have varied needs. Of course, while we need to cater them all for their microblading needs, there are those whom we refuse undergo microblading for some reasons. Individuals who have skin allergies and certain types of allergies, have some serious health conditions, and those who are pregnant are not eligible for the procedure.

Building Rapport with the Client. Dealing with the client for microblading is not easy as you think it is. People have different personalities and their expectations towards the microblading services widely vary. Complaints are possible and inevitable. You need to have the skills of handling this.

You also need to have the techniques of keeping your customers satisfied and so recommendations for more clients can be expected from them.

Starting a Microblading Business. To start the business after the microblading training, the starting kit for microblading is important. Most of the training providers include this in the package depending on the cost you are ready to pay for.

The kit includes microblades and microblading tools, shading tools, precision microblades, bend pigments, shading solutions, calipers, latex practice skin, pens, gel and creams, and a lot more ready for you to accept your clients.

      Ask  about the microblading cost. The cost varies from one provider to another. This largely depend on the methodology, the place where you will take the training and number of day and the after-training support they will provide. Decide on this matter depending on your needs and willingness to pay for the cost.

      Ask about the qualification of the trainer. The microblading training provider may have a lot to offer but their kind of trainer is very crucial. Trainers will impart the knowledge and skills and thus, their abilities are essential. Aside from these, you need to check their certifications and experiences. Checking on the reviews about them will also help.

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