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While indeed, microblading is making noise in the fashion industry particularly on the use of permanent make-up and the convenience it can offer, anybody could not just join the hype and become a microblading artist but should first enroll in a microblading training.

Try to ask yourself first if microblading artist is the right career for you. You may decide now but the big question is – are you really interested of pursuing this? Yes, the microblading training will equip you with the knowledge and skills but try to assess yourself if you have the following:

Entrepreneurial Goals

If you want to have the business of your won and have it in the cosmetic industry, then this career can be a good choice. You can start your business after the microblading training but make sure you possess all the qualities that any entrepreneur should have. Running a microblading business at the start may not be that easy just like other businesses.

Earnest desire to be a microblading artist

Join the microblading training only if you have that zeal to become microblading artist. Learning the techniques can be arduous and to think these are just basics. The original work will be yours to plan out and to perform – imagine, you clients have different eyebrow design and color needs; they have different facial features and you need to consider a lot of factors for them to have enhanced look after microblading. These and more are learned the hard way. Only individuals with overflowing patience can succeed as microblading artist.

Desire to help other people boost their self-confidence

Being a microblading artist, people expect you to help them improve their looks and so they will also be able to enhance their self-confidence. It is your inner desire as a microblading artist to really help them for this. What you can do is to try the best that you can to make their brows appealing and pleasant to the eyes. Redesigning eyebrows enhances the facial features and with their improved looks your clients will feel more beautiful and feel good about themselves.

Interest in beauty and cosmetic industry

This is another important thing to think about before you will join microblading training and eventually become a microblading artist. On your way to become an artist, you need to have deeper understanding about beauty. You use of permanent make-up and cosmetics without compromising your clients’ looks and health conditions. Take note that you will be doing the job of beautifying individuals according to their needs and perceptions about beauty. Ready to impart the microblading skills. After the microblading training, you can also take the opportunity of becoming an instructor. This is another income avenue especially if in your location, you could not find one who offers training services.

Yes, being a microblading artist is not a one-click decision. There are factors to consider and once and for all, you have to really ask your self the relevant questions before spending dollars for the microblading training.

What will you learn during the Microblading Training?

Enrolling and then religiously attending to the microblading training is the very start of your journey as microblading artist. Remember about your goal of becoming an excellent artist and your future plans of establishing a business. Starting it can be tough with the competitions surrounding you, but having attended the training which will offer you knowledge, skills and techniques in microblading will make you lead the industry.

What knowledge the training can offer? Basically, you need to learn about anatomy of the skin. You need to understand the skin layers since you will direct the needle in the proper skin layer. This is to make the color pigments in the skin crispier and longer lasting. You will also learn about color analysis. Trainees learn about combining colors and applying colors on the skin will give best results.

During the microblading training, you will acquire the skills of performing microblading. There are techniques you have to observe and practice. Your instructor will show you everything and make sure you will be so observant of how it is done.

However, learning by just merely watching how it is done is not enough; you will have hands-on training. Your instructor will guide you how to do it in the models they provide. The more models you will work on, the more learning and skills you will master. This will prepare you to perform microblading with your paying client.

You will also acquire the knowledge of running a microblading business during the microblading training. The best microblading program will give you the business roadmap which will guide you in starting and operating your business.

Lorine Mekhaeil

Lorine Mekhaeil

Master Trainer & Founder of OPM

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