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If you are thinking of becoming an expert microblading artist, you first need to undergo extensive microblading training.

Take a look at fashion websites, magazines, posters, and banners. You’ll see models with their full, natural-looking, perfectly shaped, and gorgeous eyebrows. Although there are different products like gels and pencils that can help you get your brows exactly how you want them, there is a popular option that offers semi-permanent results. What’s good about this alternative is it doesn’t require constant grooming and upkeep.

Microblading has been around for several years. The procedure offers an unmatched natural finish, which is why it is popular. With the microblading industry booming, a growing number of people want to have their brows filled out and shaped using this technique. It has also enticed many to become a microblading artist.

Although this process started in Asia, it has now become widely available across the world. Furthermore, the number of instructors who offer microblading trainings have increased. However, microblading classes are different. Some microblading schools offer better and more comprehensive courses than others.

Beginners must find a school that can give them a solid foundation. Are you searching for the best microblading training? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Microblading Training Methods

Microblading training is intense. You need to learn and understand the theory and apply it in practice. Your classes are broken down into different levels. It also involves working on a live model. You need to pass every level and put in enough practice hours before getting certified.

Half of the training involves the theory behind the procedure. This part of the microblading training includes classifying the techniques and the eyebrow structure. Skin anatomy, measuring brows, color overview, and the procedure will also be discussed.

The other half is hand-on experience. You will develop different techniques and pally them on artificial skin. Once you get the hang of it and you are doing everything right, you will move on to practicing on live models. It will allow you to see and experience the actual process under the supervision of your instructor.

During this phase, you will learn a lot of things like defining the facial symmetry and calculating the eyebrow shape. You will also discover how to stretch and pierce the skin correctly. You will learn how to create different strokes and how to insert color pigments.

After your microblading training, you should know how to look for the right angle, pressure, and products to use. You’ll learn the best practices to help you create a business out of this craft.

You will have a comprehensive knowledge of the concepts that will form the foundation of your work. The quality of the microblading course you choose will determine the quality of your work.

Check The Instructor’s Credentials

Another crucial matter you need to check is the instructor’s credentials, from certifications to licenses. A trainer who is licensed can present you with a microblading certification. A good instructor also has a department of health or state license. A dedicated expert also has a license from either the SPSC or AAM. It is also best to learn from a professional who has spent at least three years performing this procedure.

Online Vs. Live Microblading Training

It’s your choice. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide if you prefer online or live microblading training. These methods have the same goals but the approaches they use are different.

A live microblading class offers you the chance to learn everything in a classroom setting. You’ll get to see the actual tools used and techniques performed. Students also get a one on one time with their instructors. They can ask questions and learn other important tips.

Regardless if it is live or online, the training should help you learn the skills, get enough practice, and be certified at your own pace. Both options are governed by the same underlying principles. In the end, it is up to you to decide how you want to take the microblading class, so it suits your needs and preferences.

Earn Your Certificate

Once you’ve found the best microblading school, sign up and attend the classes. The training will be tough. But if you are true to your desire of becoming a microblading artist then you won’t have any problem. You will be given a certificate once you’ve completed and passed your classes.

Find an Apprenticeship After Microblading Training

After earning your certificate, you should find an apprenticeship immediately. You need to put in a specific number of hours over the next six months following your training. Get more hands-on experience under the tutelage of a master artist. You will not only refine your skills but also gain the confidence you need when treating clients.

Get A License

Before you can start offering this service, you need to get a license. A microblading license is different from the certificate you got from the training. You may need to take a different exam. You need to check on the requirements that you should submit to get a license. Remember, the regulations for getting a microblading license vary from one state to another. Be sure to check for your particular location.

Gear Up

After securing your license, the next thing to do is get the equipment. You need to prove that you are serious. They also need to see you as a professional. Don’t go cheap when gearing up. Invest only in the best tools and products. Clients are more likely to choose a service provider if they know they use only the most recent and innovative equipment.

Offer Proof

Regardless where you plan to offer your eyebrow microblading services, you should have proof that shows you know how to do your job well. These can be photos from your training days or other things that you have worked on in the past. Create a portfolio in case you plan to apply for a job as a microblading artist.

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