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You know what they say: there’s a YouTube video for everything. So, yes, there are microblading YouTube videos that teach you how to create permanent eyebrows. But while these videos may be informative, they’re nowhere near the kind of training that microblading courses can give you.

Not convinced just yet? Here are several reasons why microblading YouTube videos aren’t good enough for you.

Why microblading YouTube videos aren’t enough training

Videos are great training materials. They can introduce a topic and demonstrate how a procedure is done. They can be lectures like how microblading came to be or demonstrations of pressure and depth.

However, there’s a lot you can’t get from videos. Check it out:

1. YouTube videos won’t teach you hands-on skills.

Demos are great, but you won’t be a top-notch artist just by watching someone draw an eyebrow. You need to learn by doing.

Most microblading courses require you to practice on fake practice skins. This is great for mastering the skill. Most of microblading relies on muscle memory, after all. That’s not something you’ll get from a video.

2. YouTube videos don’t let you meet clients face-to-face.

Practice skins are great, sure. But practice skins don’t twitch or complain or talk while you work. Nothing compares to working on a human face.

Luckily, there are courses like OPM Academy that take it one step further. How, you ask? By letting you perform eyebrow microblading on a real, live client. Not immediately, of course! Obviously, you’ll need extensive practice before you can touch a real client. But with supervision from expert microblading artists, you’ll be an expert in microblading, too, in no time!

OPM’s courses also teach you how to deal with clients. Because working on a human face is one thing, but talking to a human being is another. You’ll need to learn how to instruct them before, during, and after the procedure. You’ll need to learn how to anticipate their needs and appease them if they’re unhappy.

3. YouTube videos don’t let you ask questions.

Well, technically, they do. You can leave a comment on the video or email the creator. But how long before they get back to you?

In real life training, you can ask questions and receive answers immediately. Yo can get hands-on guidance and supervision. And you can get life advice and career tips from experts who have been in the microblading industry for years.

4. YouTube videos don’t help you with networking.

One of the best things about group classes is that you can make friends. And friends will help you far in the industry. You can recommend clients to each other, especially if you’re from different cities or states. You can exchange tips and tricks, and you can ask for leads about tools and equipment, too.

5. YouTube videos won’t challenge you to be better.

Watching microblading YouTube videos is passive learning. You’re just receiving information, not necessarily processing or applying the information you’re learning.

Hands-on training, on the other hand, challenges you. A group learning environment can motivate you to perfect your skills And when you feel like you’re lagging behind or failing, there’s always someone to push you to keep going.

Why professional training is your best bet

MIcroblading Training

Make no mistake, microblading YouTube videos are great secondary learning materials. They can help refresh your memory about the things you learned from training, and they’re great review materials. In fact, OPM classes use online tools to help you learn at your own pace, as well.

That said, nothing truly beats hands-on training. You get theoretical lessons (e.g. color theory, history of microblading), as well as hands-on experience and practical information (e.g. sanitation rules, health regulations, licensing procedures).

Wondering if our OPM classes are right for you? Let our students help you decide:

Here’s what our students are saying:

“As a licensed esthetician, I searched thoroughly for a very reputable place to learn permanent makeup. I met Lorine and her staff in Dallas and was very impressed with their products, techniques, and knowledge. I learned so much information in their training that I’m absolutely positive I will be able to help my clients and others!

Thank you, OPM, for sharing your experience with me and giving [me] confidence to work in this field.”

Michelle Perkins Green

“[Lorine] was honest [during class], had 25 years under her belt. Plus, she did demos. That looked great. Also, she was into not hurting people and doing things the right way and coming up with pigments that don’t fade and hurt people, as well.

Well, I just finished a 3 day course. Guess what? It was way harder than I thought. But now, I know that if I plan to do this, I’m really going to have to work a lot harder to get it. So, I’m going to have to take the advanced class. Thanks, OPM!”

Lauri R.
Santa Monica, California

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