Cheap Microblading Tools

When it comes to microblading, client safety is of utmost importance. One mistake could end up as a bad review. And one bad review can keep dozens of clients away.

There are plenty of steps to ensure client safety. Staying away from cheap microblading tools is one of the most overlooked but crucial aspects involved.

Of course, we understand that, as a beginner microblading artist, you want to save a little on your initial costs.

After all, you can always splurge on that microblading machine next time, right?

Well…not really.

In this article, we make a case for avoiding cheap microblading tools—and why doing so is the best investment you can make.

“Cheap” almost always means “bad”

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everything we buy. Clothes that aren’t high-end can still look fashionable, and a secondhand couch can feel brand new if you know where to find one.

But there are certain items that just aren’t the same if you don’t make the investment. Laptops are one of them, as are running shoes.

Think of it like this: professional makeup artists would never buy off-brand items that might result in client allergies or skin reactions. Why should you?

When you’re buying something for significantly cheaper than other items in the market, you need to think about what the manufacturers are compromising. Are they evading import taxes? Resorting to cheap labor? Using lower quality materials?

If you’re paying cheap, you’re paying for less than what you (and your clients) deserve.

Why you shouldn’t buy cheap microblading tools

  • They’re not safe. Microblading is more invasive than, say, hairdressing or traditional makeup application. You use needles, blades, and ink pigments. Buying these tools for cheap from sketchy manufacturers could endanger the health and safety of your clients.
  • They don’t last as long. If you’re going to invest in tools anyway, might as well make sure they’ll last more than a few months at a time. Cheap tools often rely on cheap materials and haphazard manufacturing. Maybe you’ll save on money upon purchase, but if you’re going to buy one of those every year, then you’re not really making any savings.
  • They don’t feel the same. You’ll be using these tools everyday for a long, long time. You’re going to want tools that feel good in your hands, tools that make you confident about the work you’re doing. Cheap tools often feel light and unwieldy when used.
  • They can lead to mistakes. Accidents happen all the time, but it’s your duty to avoid them at all costs. If the tools you use don’t let you perform your best, they could end up seriously affecting your performance. And one client’s bad experience can prevent them from coming back. Plus, their review can seriously hurt your business’s reputation.

Cheap out now, invest later?

The problem with this plan is it assumes there will be a “later.”

As mentioned above, using cheap microblading tools could lead to dissatisfied clients or grave mistakes. Finding clients in your first few months is going to be enough of a challenge; if you don’t do everything you can to keep them, then you might end up in trouble.

If you’re serious about launching a microblading career or business, here’s how much you’ll need to set aside.

Budget for microblading essentials

OPM Machine $2,700
Needles $100
Ink Pigments $750
Numbing Agents $1,300
Gloves $10

Total $4,860

If you’re going to sell services at the recommended rate of $500 per procedure, then you can pay back that investment with only 10 clients. That’s only 5 days if you have an average of 2 clients per day.

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Final words: Don’t buy cheap microblading tools

There’s really no other conclusion. If you want to get ahead of the industry and find and keep clients who are loyal to you, then invest in the right tools.

Check out our introduction to microblading tools and equipment to get an idea of what you’ll be investing in.

Of course, make sure you’ve enrolled in a microblading training class before making any purchases. No guide or article can substitute proper training!

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