12 weeks online training

Microblading training comes in online or live trainings. Many would choose online due to some advantages this method can offer. The online training comes in live streaming. You can still have the opportunity to choose whether you will enroll in a basic or advance microblading course. Just make sure you passed the eligibility requirements for that type of training you choose.

There are also online trainings where access to videos are given for you to learn the techniques and you are free to review the videos should you wish to review them.

how to become a microblading artist

For whom the microblading career is ideal?

The online microblading class is ideal for beginners. If you are a beautician, tattoo artist, esthetician and or a cosmetologist who want to expand your services, you may opt to become a microblading artist. The approach in the online training is simple and steps are presented in a way that anybody can easily learn the basics and understand the techniques.

No specific experience required for you to be part of the online training. As long as you have the interest in permanent make-up and you have the desire to make people more beautiful and boost their confidence, this training is for you.

How is Online Microblading Training Done?

12 weeks online training

Live Streaming. During the live streaming, the trainer will conduct the lecture and demonstrate the microblading techniques. Virtual classroom interaction is possible and favorable during this time. Trainees can ask questions and will also be right away answered by the trainer.

Tutorial Videos. The video tutorials are set from simple to complex and these are arranged in a manner that the trainee will gain fundamental understanding about microblading. There are series of videos to watch and these can be reviewed anytime the trainee wishes too. However, there are training providers who will set a particular training duration of which during that time, you can access the videos anytime. But after such training schedule, you can only have access upon reenrollment of the same training with them.

Online Training in Support to Hands-on Training. There are microblading training which only allows two days hands-on microblading and mastering the skills will be at your own pace by having more trainings online. This means you training package include live and online trainings but majority of your time is online.

Most of the online microblading trainings have 24/7 support to entertain your questions. Trainers own their time in learning. They can choose their time to watch and learn from the videos and call for support anytime they need at the training duration.

What will you Learn from the  Microblading Class?

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Promisingly, you will have a full and in-depth knowledge in microblading when you have chosen the right online microblading training. Here are what you will be learning:

Microblading techniques. Skin types and facial structures vary from one individual to another. The hair stokes techniques should be learned by trainees. There are ways on how tattoo markings are done, the depth of the needles into the skin, the shaping methods to create perfect symmetry, combining colors, features, proportions, skin and face structure and other microblading considerations for the artist to use the right technique and come up with best microblading results. All these and more can be learned from the training.

Microblading materials. For every technique, there is a corresponding materials or tool to be used. A combination of these tools is also possible. This means, you need to be oriented with these tools and the proper way of using them.

Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization. You need to also learn this in the online microblading training. The tools and equipment for microblading should be safe to use. There are sanitation and sterilization procedures to follow to keep them working and more efficient to use; and also to ensure that clients will be safe and free from infections and problems when you use the tools to them.

After care instructions. After the microblading procedure, after care is necessary to make the wounds heal faster and to keep the skin safe. Improper care after the procedure will also make the pigment easily faded.

Why Choose Online Microblading Training?

Cost. The cost widely varies from one provider to another. Of course, you might find some expensive or cheaper training package. You just have to compare one training to another. However, generally, online training is less expensive since you do not have to spend for your transportation and accommodation during the training.

Convenience. It is also convenient because you can choose your time. You do not have even to prepare yourself like wear the prescribed training uniform since all you have is to watch the videos and learn from it as any time convenient for you. Once you feel the need to review the videos, you can review these anytime you want.

Learning at Your Own Pace. Learning microblading may be different from one student to another. You might be learning the faster or slower way than others. Online training offers an individualized training depending on your learning speed. You do not have to be pressured with other trainers since you are learning at your own.

Red Flags  Microblading Training

Expensive. If you have been looking at training cost and found one training expensive, then do not consider enrolling not unless you have other reasons like the inclusions of the training which you cannot find from other providers.

Negative Reviews or No Reviews Posted. The provider should have posted feedback about their services. If you have read a lot of negative feedback, then, that is not a good choice even if the training fee is cheap. If you cannot see any review posted, then still, the provider is not a good choice. Absence of the reviews should make you wonder whether you will be at the right hand or not.

Absence of Certification. The trainers should be able to show certifications of prestigious organizations. These are proofs that they follow the safest protocol in microblading.

Inexperienced Trainers. Read about the experiences of the trainers in microblading. There are before and after photos which you can refer for this. If you cannot find any, then never enroll in that online microblading training.

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