OPM Microblading Class

Being a beauty professional comes with a huge responsibility. After all, clients come in and trust you with their face or hair or body. Messing up isn’t an option.

As you know, there are still people who look down on beauty professionals just because it’s not an office job. What they don’t understand is being a beauty professional requires skill and strength of character.

Wondering if you have what it takes to become a microblading artist? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Do you have what it takes to become a microblading artist?

1) Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion and makeup trends?
A: Yes, I love reading up on fashion news and watching makeup videos all day!
B: No, I’m fine with what I know about beauty.

2) Does it take a long time for you to lose your temper?
A: Yes, I’m very patient and understanding.
B: No, I have a rather short fuse.

3) Do you work well under pressure?
A: Yes, I thrive in environments that require me to prove myself.
B: No, I’m more of a laid back person.

4) Are you quick to notice little imperfections in a person’s outfit or makeup?
A: Yes, my eyes are drawn to details and nuances.
B: No, I don’t notice small things immediately.

5) Do you consider yourself a social person?
A: Yes, I am a total extrovert. I love meeting new people and interacting with them!
B: No, I’m more of a quiet person who spends time with themself.

If most of your answers are ‘yes’…

…then you were born to work in the permanent makeup industry! You love all things beauty, plus your eyes were made for discerning what looks good and what doesn’t. If you’re already considering becoming a microblading artist, then this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

The top five qualities that will make you a successful microblading artist

As a permanent makeup artist, our job isn’t just to make people look good. It’s also to make them feel good!

And to do both these things, we need to have or to cultivate the following qualities:

  • Patience. Microblading requires loads of patience, from the actual pigment application to getting your license/s in order. Of course, patience can be developed–not all of us were born with the patience of a preschool teacher! By understanding the reason behind each process, we become more tolerant of waiting for results.
  • Attention to detail. Paying notice to the tiniest of details is a requirement. When you’re working with faces, there’s no room for being laid back. Nothing in this world is perfect, but as a permanent makeup artist, our job is to strive for perfection no matter what.
  • Grace under pressure. The truth is, a client’s self-confidence is always riding on our shoulders. And that kind of pressure can break a person. But it can also make a person better. Using this pressure as a motivation is the key to being our best at the job.
  • Love for beauty trends. It’s no easy feat to keep up with the latest trends in beauty and fashion. After all, every few weeks, there’s a new development! However, microblading artists need to be on top of what’s in and what’s not. As beauty professionals, we should know what’s happening—as they happen.
  • Love for socialization. Like any line of work that requires client interaction, microblading needs us to be up for the task! Even if we don’t always enjoy being around people, we still need to remain pleasant and professional. After all, where would we be without our loyal clients?

Now that you know you’d be a perfect microblading artist, it’s time to take the next step.

How to become a microblading artist

There are really only two steps to becoming a microblading artist. First, you need to train. Second, you find a job or you start a microblading business of your own. That’s it!

Well, okay, it’s not that easy. You’ll also need a license (depending on your state and county), a client base, tools and equipment, and a location. The good news is we have a series of articles dedicated to helping you begin your journey as a microblading artist.

Ready to jump right in? Check out these titles, and begin your permanent makeup career today:

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