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So, you’re interested in becoming a microblading artist. That’s great news. The next step is learning how to be so good that clients practically beg you to do their brows (and lips and eyeliner and scalp…)

Maybe you have prior professional beauty experience. Perhaps you’ve watched dozens of hours of microblading videos. Are these enough to convince a client they should get your service and not anyone else’s?

The truth is, microblading training makes a huge difference, from getting clients to keeping them. Need a bit of convincing to enroll in a microblading training course? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are six reasons to get microblading training.

1. Clients trust you much more easily.

This principle doesn’t just apply to microblading. Across all professions, we’re much more likely to trust a professional who underwent extensive training. This is especially applicable to beauty-related services.

Imagine: you pay for a stranger to make changes to your face, hair, or body, and you find out moments before the procedure that they never had any training. Would you still give them the go signal?

By having training certfication, you can prove to clients and future employers alike that you know your stuff. And that you’re good at it, too.

2. You become an expert microblading artist.

Part of microblading training is perfecting your skills. Microblading is all about muscle memory. If you have experience doing nail work, hairdressing, or makeup application, then you probably already know what we mean.

Sure, having a good eye for beauty counts. Yes, knowing the theories behind microblading is essential. But at the end of the day, it’s how steady your hands are and how sure your strokes are. That’s what clients judge your work on.

By getting microblading training, you get to perfect your skills in an encouraging environment, under the guidance and supervision of experts.

3. You know how to build a career from the ground up.

There’s more to microblading than skill and talent, too. You’ll need to be well-versed in using the tools and equipment. You’ll need to know how to get a license in your state and how to keep your workspace and tools sanitized.

Enrolling in a microblading training class will give you the necessary knowledge to start from zero. You learn about the tools of the trade, any licensing processes in your state or county, and even how to effectively market your services, so you can find clients.

4. You get a deeper understanding of the craft.

Of course, you will also need to know and understand about microblading theories and history. It’s necessary to really and truly appreciate the craft. In any study of any practice or profession, it’s essential to have a deeper understanding of what you’re studying.

When you appreciate the work you do on a more meaningful level, you can have a more meaningful career. Finding fulfillment may not be a top priority for you right now—and if it is, then that’s great!—but, trust us, it’ll become important as time goes on.

It’s easier to go to work every day, to overcome obstacles and challenges, and to inspire your clients if you yourself are inspired by the work you do.

5. You learn from the best in the business.

YouTubers and bloggers may mean well, but they’re rarely experts in the field. If you want top-notch training, go to a top-notch school.

By having experienced mentors, you don’t just pick up basic microblading knowledge. You also get tips on how to handle clients, techniques in getting a perfect brow, and advice on how to build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Their life and work experience can teach you things about microblading that you never thought you’d need.

6. The microblading community will encourage you to grow.

Connections are everything. If you need help, advice, referrals, or just someone who understands your daily struggles, then your fellow microblading artists are a great bet.

Enrolling in a microblading class introduces you to fellow budding microblading artists. You can make meaningful friendships and build lasting business partnerships.

Can’t work on the coming weekend? Refer them to your former-classmate-slash-friend. Your friend suddenly can’t work on a client? They call you in and give you a brand new customer.

We’re a small community. We look out for each other, so that we can all thrive. There’s plenty of clietns to go around.

Enroll in a microblading training course today!

If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. If you want to be a legend, you need to learn from a legend.

Organic microblading pioneer, Lorine Mikhaiel, offers microblading classes, both basic and advanced. Learn how to create beautiful permanent brows, lips, eyeliners, scalps, areolas, and more!

Read her story here. Check out her list of classes here.

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