Lip Microblading

What is lip microblading, and is it really an effective lip enhancement procedure? We answer all your questions and more about the hottest new lip trend this 2019.

Permanent makeup is in the middle of a renaissance. Because of the busy demands of everyday life, more and more women find their makeup routines tiresome and time-consuming. Enter microblading, where you only need one procedure (and then annual touchups) to have beautiful, long-lasting, and natural-looking lips.

But is it too good to be true? Find out in this ultimate guide to lip microblading.

What is lip microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique. Microblading artists use a specialized tool that makes tiny incisions and deposits ink pigment into the skin. Lip microblading simply refers to the use of this technique to enhance the lips.

Unlike other cosmetic treatments, permanent lip makeup can alter or improve your lips’ color and shape. You can ask your microblading artist to give you a darker or a lighter lip color, and to make your lips look fuller or thinner.

Check out this video to get a better idea how it’s done and what it involves:

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What are the advantages of lip microblading?

  1. Efficient beauty. Clients get long-lasting lip color for a once-a-year-procedure (plus annual touch-ups). No more long beauty routines.
  2. Cheaper in the long run. Instead of spending almost thousands of dollars on lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, and other lip products, clients can invest in a more long-term option.
  3. #WokeUpLikeThis. Clients look polished even without putting on makeup. Say goodbye to looking dull and pale when you have beautifully colored lips.
  4. Long-lasting beauty. No need to retouch lip color every few hours. Clients only need to come back once every year to get their lips retouched and ready to go.
  5. No downtime. Unlike with other invasive cosmetic treatments, clients can get their lips microbladed during their lunch break then come back to work with a whole new look. They don’t have schedule the treatment on a holiday or take a leave from work just to get their lips done.

Who should get lip microblading?

Clients who fit one or more of these criteria should consider getting microblading:

  • Those needing a wash-and-wear look, like corporate jet-setters, travel enthusiasts, and working moms
  • People who want to look polished but don’t enjoy putting on makeup or don’t have the inclination to learn how to put on makeup
  • Those who are married to a specific lip shade unless they’re feeling extra adventurous
  • People looking for an alternative to lip fillers and other invasive cosmetic treatments

Certain exemptions apply to all forms of microblading. Clients with the following conditions are not allowed to have microblading:

  • Keloids
  • Transmittable blood diseases (e.g. HIV, hepatitis)
  • Skin complications and diseases
  • With fillers, Juvederm, or Botox in the desired treatment area
  • Undergoing chemotherapy
  • Extremely oily skin
  • Allergic to numbing agents
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

How much does lip microblading cost?

Lip microblading typically costs $500 per session.

Why is lip microblading so expensive?

Each procedure pays for the use of premium ink pigments, specialized microblading tools, topical numbing agents, and the skills and experience of a trained microblading artist.

NOTE: Beware of any microblading clinic that offers procedures with drastically lower prices. Always ask yourself, “What part of the service are they compromising to be able to price this service so low?”

Why do I need to come back for touch-ups?

Like with all tattoos, microblading ink fades with time. To keep your lip color looking fresh, return to your artist for an annual touch-up.

Is lip microblading painful?

Clients will only experience mild discomfort. Microblading artists use topical numbing agents to ensure clients do not go through any pain.

How do I take care of my lips after the procedure?

The general rule is to avoid contact with anything, including:

  • Human skin
  • Any liquid (e.g. water, sweat, blood, tears)
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Extreme sunlight
  • Any chemical (e.g. makeup, face creams, etc.)
  • Animal fur

Additionally, avoid alcohol and spicy food until the lips heal completely. For a complete list of guidelines, visit our guide to microblading aftercare.

How long will it take for my lips to heal?

Healing time varies per person, but generally, all microblading procedures have a healing period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Lip microblading is your best bet to getting the lips of your dreams. Not satisfied yet? Leave us questions about permanent lip makeup in the comments below, and we’ll answer them as soon as we can!

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