Microblading Benefits

We all know microblading is one of the best things to happen to the beauty industry, but we can’t always immediately convince a client. Telling someone “Trust me, it’s awesome!” won’t cut it. If you really want to score that gig, you’ll need to break down all the benefits of microblading.

Here goes.

The top benefits of microblading

Whether you’re writing an elevator pitch or posting on social media, it’s important to highlight all the advantages of microblading.

1. Microblading is safe.

The permanent beauty industry has made leaps and strides with regards to improving its technology. Our top-of-the-line machines and equipment ensure high-quality cosmetic tattoos. They also increase client safety, compared to the manual tools of old.

On top of that, organic microblading pigments work incredibly well with all types of skin. Their all-natural components guarantee that clients don’t come in contact with any harmful chemicals.

2. Microblading looks great.

Permanent makeup can instantly give anyone a fresher look. Better defined eyebrows, lusher-looking lips, reconstructed areolas, and fierce eyeliner. All these can happen, thanks to you, the microblading artist.

3. Microblading artists are highly trained.

Not everyone can and should be a microblading artist. It takes patience, skill, and determination to become a valuable permanent makeup artist.

Not to mention, there are several hours of training involved. All these requirements are in place, so that clients can rest easy. Permanent makeup is permanent, after all. They should only purchase the service of microblading artists who can deliver on their promise.

4. Microblading doesn’t disrupt your daily routine.

Unlike cosmetic treatments such as lip fillers or rhinoplasty, microblading has no downtime. Clients with busy lives will value the convenience of getting microblading. Procedures often last only an hour, so they don’t even have to take a day off from work if they don’t want to.

Imagine: getting permanent beauty is quicker than watching a romantic comedy. That’s the beauty of permanent beauty.

Selling microblading as more than just a cosmetic procedure

Let’s face it: microblading can be expensive for some women. At $500 each procedure, it really doesn’t seem like a cost-efficient purchase—at first.

The best way to sell a product or service, regardless of how expensive or cheap it is, is to make it an emotional purchase. When you sell microblading, you can’t just mention the technical stuff like how it has basically zero downtime or how it uses top-of-the-line technology.

Sure, these are important details, but they’re not a client’s deciding factor. They’re not the push the client needs to make an appointment.

To sell microblading, you should sell its emotional value. How will microblading benefit them emotionally?

For instance, when we write about microblading, we always emphasize how it gives clients back their time.

Why? Because we know that most women feel like they’re constantly running out of time. They’re taking care of the kids, or being career women, or getting a new college degree, or making a name for themselves on social media. Or all these at the same time. It’s taxing to be a woman these days.

However, microblading lets them take back control over their time. When you spend an hour a day on makeup, you’re trading an hour of sleeping or exercising or spending time with loved ones. That’s 5 hours a week. 20 hours a month.

10 days a year.

And that’s our emotional pitch: get microblading, and you get back more time for yourself.

Here’s the trick…

Get to know your potential clients. Not just what their spending power is or which social media sites they’re on. Find out what makes them tick. Find out what drives them forward.

Knowing your client base is essential in properly marketing your services. It’s not that you’re capitalizing on their problems; it’s that you’re offering them a solution. Microblading can bring so much joy to the right client.

It’s up to you to make them realize that.

They’re clients, not just paychecks

At the end of the day, highlighting the benefits of microblading can only get you so far. It’s having a connection with the client that really pushes the bill. Once they see the value that microblading can offer, then how will they be able to refuse?

That, and they’ll have a microblading artist who understand them and their needs. What better sales pitch could there be?

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