Microblading Skills

It’s no secret that microblading has become one of the biggest beauty trends these days. After all, who doesn’t dream of waking up with their eyebrows already on fleek?

Because of the big buzz surrounding microblading, more and more individuals have been trying permanent makeup. Naturally, there has also been an increase in demand for microblading artists.

To become a great artist, however, you should have undergone microblading training, which will give you these technical skills needed for the job.

Microblading is certainly not as simple as threading or shaping clients’ arches. It’s considered a procedure that entails special skills, like what plastic surgeons do. And like surgeons, microblading artists need to learn the health guidelines and skills needed to become credible enough to perform microblading. This is where supervised training and practice becomes crucial.

microblading skills

Top technical microblading skills you need to learn

There are many microblading academies that offer training for microblading learning. Below are the top five technical skills that basic microblading courses should teach you.

1. Reading the skin

Perhaps the most important microblading skill is knowing how to read a client’s skin. Microblading artists need to be able to tell if a client is eligible for microblading based on their skin type and skin condition. It’s also essential to know about the skin’s thickness, tolerance level, and breaking point.

With this skill down pat, the development of other skills will follow. For instance, knowing the thickness of your client’s skin will help you determine the proper depth in which to microblade safely and correctly.

2. Stretching

Another important skill in microblading learning is stretching. Mastering this will lead to getting better strokes.

The secret to stretching is flattening the skin in three opposite directions (the 3-point stretch). Keep in mind that the flatter the skin, the easier it is for you to make a clean, suave stroke, as the skin surface is free of wrinkles and bumps.

3. Depth

Microblading at the right depth is essential to getting great results. If your strokes are too shallow, you will only be able to touch the epidermis, meaning the pigment will not be absorbed well and will not stay long.

On the other hand, if you go too deep, you may cause some scarring. As previously mentioned, the key to achieving the right depth is really about knowing how to read the skin. And this is certainly not easy, as every client will have a different skin thickness. For the color of the pigment to stay, you will have to microblade into the upper dermis.

4. Angling

To deliver precise and efficient strokes, you’ll want an angle of 90 degrees.

The microblading needle must be perpendicular to the skin, and all needles should also be in full contact with the skin. Hitting the angle just right is essential to delivering the ink pigment properly.

5. Consistency

Slowly but surely! It’s important to always perform the procedure at a slow and steady pace. That’s right; you should be mindful of your pace the entire procedure. Focus on each stroke, and do not be in a hurry to finish, as this will compromise your results.

The best place to learn microblading skills

If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. Trust a microblading training school that is renowned for both its courses and its microblading services. Our clients and our students swear by their experience at Organic Permanent Makeup. Here’s proof:

“OPM is [a] great academy. All the instructors are great. Nancy and Joy really explained everything in detail. Lorine seems really strict but, it’s really great for the students to [be pushed] towards perfection. I loved them all. Still going to practice at home, and I am sure that after coming to the advanced class, I will be totally confident in working with my clients. Thank you all.”

Sweta M.
Anaheim, CA

“I am a student at OPM Academy for permanent make-up. I’ve been here for 3 days and have taken microblading, eyeliner, lips, scalp micropigmentation, skin tag removal, and crows feet removal so far, and [I] am so excited about what I will be learning the next three days.

The staff, Joy and Nancy, are amazing instructors. They are not only very beautiful but also informative, supportive, and motivational. The products and equipment are state of the art. Lorine, the owner, is absolutely the bomb and an amazing instructor herself!!! I highly recommend this institute if you are thinking about getting into the permanent make-up industry.”

Kim C.
Tampa, CA

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