Microbladed Eyebrows

In today’s busy world, time has become more valuable than ever—and permanent makeup cuts down on several hours of a person’s day. As more and more people gravitate towards permanent makeup, the demand for technicians and artists is only bound to grow. But what is microblading?

In this series, we talk about how you can become a top microblading artist.

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Microblading and the permanent makeup industry

Makeup is essential in every woman’s life, whether it’s to feel their best or look spot-on for a day full of meetings.

The pressure to look good everyday—not to mention Hollywood and the beauty industry constantly telling women how to look—can be overwhelming. Is it any surprise that women spend several hours a week in front of their mirrors, perfecting their makeup?

With permanent makeup, women can now use the time spent on makeup on more productive and fulfilling activities. If they spend two hours a day on makeup alone, then that’s 10 hours a week they can use to catch up on sleep, spend time with the kids, or work out.

That’s why becoming a permanent makeup artist isn’t just financially rewarding—it’s also emotionally fulfilling. By helping women take back their time, you help them take control of their lives.

What is microblading?

Microblading is the technique of using small, precise strokes to tattoo pigments on a person’s body.

This technique is used best and most commonly for the following areas:

  • eyebrows
  • lips
  • lash line
  • scalp
  • areolas

The hand-drawn strokes from microblading make for a natural look. In comparison, traditional eyebrow tattooing uses a tattoo machine that produces thicker, less natural-looking lines.

Microblading is also sometimes known as eyebrow embroidery and microfeathering.

There is very little known about the history of microblading, but several sources point to traditional Japanese tattooing as a possible ancestor.

Tebori is the Japanese art of tattooing by hand and has been alive for thousands of years. However, the application of hand-drawn tattoos on eyebrows emerged only more than two decades ago in Asia. Microblading was slow to gain traction in the West at first, but now, it is a popular option for many beauty enthusiasts all over the world.

What are the advantages of microblading?

The following characteristics of microblading make it an ideal choice for people who require makeup on a daily basis:

  • Long-lasting makeup. One session often takes an hour or less of a client’s time, but the staying power can go over two years. Clients need only to drop by once a year for a retouch.
  • Maintenance-free makeup. Apart from the annual touch-ups, there is no need to put makeup on microbladed brows or lips.
  • Cost-effective beauty. Permanent makeup is a one-time expense. After their session, clients no longer need to purchase the expensive makeup they used to buy for everyday use.
  • Waterproof makeup. Clients no longer need to worry about their eyebrows disappearing or their lipstick smearing. Rain and sweat will not destroy or alter permanent makeup in any way.
  • Painless and safe procedure. At the hands of a trained artist, microblading is perfectly safe and painless. Proper training will provide artists with the knowledge and know-how on procedures, as well as the maintenance of tools.

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Permanent makeup sounds great and all, but will it really make you happy and grant you the financial independence you deserve?

In our next article, we run down all the reasons why being a permanent makeup artist is a rewarding and fulfilling job.

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