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The eyebrows tell about your emotions. They are important facial feature that most women would like to emphasize by drawing lines darker and bolder making the eyebrows well-shaped and well-designed. The latest technology on permanent make-up has now introduced microblading, a longer lasting way of shaping and designing the brows. But not all can just do the microblading for it entail the use of specialized tools that are used to apply the pigments in the skin layer. This means, someone needs to attend a microblading training in order to ensure that this task is performed the safest way.

Before you decide to invest in a microblading training, you need to understand what will you do when you become a certified microblading artist.

eyebrow microblading

Eyebrow issues

There are people who have issues on their brows like brows that are overly tweezed or can also be under-tweezed. They need a microblading artist to address these problems. There are also problems in the brows due to injury and some medical situations; and some need microblading services because as they age, they also encounter issues in their brows. These situations may result to hair growth in the brows that are patchy and uneven -which are not nice to look at. They affect one’s appearance and self-confidence.

Make-up pencils are used to be applied on brows which seldom last for a day or few hours. If someone is always on the go, this could take so much of the time. Having the brows designed through microblading is the best option. If you are skilled in performing this task, then you can offer the service to them. Many will avail your microblading service as long as you can shape their brows according to their needs.

Make people feel more confident

Many seek for Microblading services them to look good and boost their confidence. Many would also like to have brows that are well-shaped.  They will become prettier wearing their naturally looking brows. But only the most skillful microblading artist will be able to do this. Thus, the best option is for you to attend the right microblading training.

eyebrow microblading

Understanding the Microblading Process

Microblading is the process of putting gin semi-permanent pigments filled in the eyebrows. A microblading tool is used to create lines of color in the brow making it like a natural hair. If the eyebrows have existing hair, this process does not affect them. The colored pigment is inserted into the dermis so that pigments will not easily fade.

As a microblading artist, you blend the color based on the preferences of the clients, their skin tone and their facial structure. Using the pencil, you will draw the design and then a cream is applied to make the brows numb. This is now the time when you do microblading procedure with the use of microblade tool.

Semi Permanent Makeup

The Microblading Training

If you have already decided to become a microblading artist and cater customers in your community, then your first step is to enroll in a microblading training.  While on the training, you will learn a lot about microblading and microblading techniques.

OPM Microblading Class

Microblading Techniques

There are basic to advance techniques in microblading. During the microblading training, you will learn how the hair are patterned resulting to naturally looking strokes. However, before you apply strokes, it is necessary to assess the client’s needs and to evaluate important factors to help decide the right technique to apply and to determine if the client can have the microblading procedure or not. In addition, you also have to consider the skin tone and facial structure before the microblading. There are also post-microblading procedure to take that every microblading artist should know. You will know all of these during the training.

Color Theory

Through color theory, you will learn how to match the color of the pigment to the skin tone. In order to practice and easily acquire this knowledge during the microblading training, you will be working on live models so you will be able to observe how these pigments you apply on skin will enhance or retard the face of a person with that particular skin tone and shape of the face.

Safety in Microblading

Since you will be using microblading tools which penetrate the layers of the skin, it is very important that you also know how to practice safety when microblading. You will learn how to keep the equipment sterile and hygienic. During the microblading training, you will learn about issues and concerns on microblading like medical problems which may prevent one to get microblading services.

Microblading Kit

The microblading training package will also offer microblading kits which you can use to start your business or your career on microblading. You may check on the training provider what microblading tools they offer as part of the training and which you can use for practice or for your clients after the training.

Microblading Business

This is also important during the training. Your goal is to be a microblading artist and thus, you will be receiving customers. To introduce your business to many, starting up is not that easy. The microblading training will also train you on how the business will have the quick start in a right path such as finding the right location and other forms or management techniques.

Questions to Ask about the Microblading Training School

Here is the list of questions to ask in order to find the right training school:

  • Are the trainers certified?
  • How many years the trainers are in microblading?
  • The clients they served for microblading services.
  • How much is the cost?
  • What can you expect after the training?
  • Can the microblading training offer you the new techniques?
  • Will the training provider offer support the trainee even after the training duration?

If you have answered these questions, you can now weigh and compare one provider to another in order to find for the best one. Click here to find out more.


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