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Becoming a microblading artist is no walk in the park. It requires training and commitment—and a strong stomach, too. Curious about what your new career is holding out for you? Here’s what to expect when you become a microblading artist.

Lots of people take beauty technicians for granted. They assume we put makeup on people, gossip around, check social media, and then call it a day. But the truth is: it’s nothing like that.

Being a beauty technician means putting in the work. From finding clients, marketing our services, to keeping track of social media—we do all that and more.

Really, that’s the first thing anyone should expect from working in the industry: others might not immediately value the talent and skills you bring to the table. But don’t worry—because there’s a lot more pros than cons to working in the biz. Here’s what to expect when you become a microblading artist.

1. You form valuable friendships with clients

When you do an impressive job, then you can certainly expect that a client will come back for your services. Whether it’s a touch up on their eyebrows or a different microblading session, they’ll be sure to be back.

When you’re a brilliant microblading artist, you get to develop friendships with returning clients. You catch up with their life, and they ask about how you’re doing. It’s one of the best perks in the beauty industry! Getting to bond over your shared love for all things beauty and fashion is always fun.

On top of that, happy clients will also likely recommend you to their family and friends. They won’t hesitate to put in a good word for you, and they might even accompany their friend when they come for your services!

2. You can apply your microblading skills in real life

Microblading artists have tons of valuable skills. We’re hardworking and enduring. We have a great eye for detail. And we are really good at getting along with people.

These are what employers usually call “soft skills,” but in life outside of work, these skills matter the most.

Whether it’s paying attention to the details of relationships or teaching the kids to work hard, our microblading skills will get us through.

Need proof? Often, we find inspiration from our coworkers; we admire their strength as they face life’s challenges. What we don’t always realize is that we have the same qualities they do—and that we have honed these qualities at our job.

3. You take pride in your job.

Microblading can be life-changing. Areola reconstruction and scalp microblading can give back a person’s self-esteem. Eyebrow microblading and permanent lips can make anyone feel beautiful.

Our jobs aren’t just jobs. We help make other people’s lives better.
Why was microblading invented in the first place? To make people feel confident and beautiful whenever they look in the mirror. Imagine: for every client that you take on, you’re gifting the world one happier person.

And it’s not just the clients that benefit. Studies show that, when people feel fulfilled at their jobs, they’re happier in other aspects of their lives, too. It’s the kind of stress-free work-life balance that other people wish they could have. And we microblading artists already have that.

Become a microblading artist today!

Be happier. Make other people happier. That’s the promise of joining the microblading industry.

Embrace your skills and hone your talents by joining us at our microblading training classes. Our courses are taught by experts and pioneers in the industry. Plus, we offer live, face-to-face client opportunities, where you put your learnings to the test by working on a real person.

We offer both basic and advanced eyebrow microblading training classes, as well as courses on permanent lips, scalp microblading, areola reconstruction, and more! And, if you’re not yet totally convinced, we also offer free accommodations and several payment plans to suit your lifestyle.

Our students love learning with us, and we have proof:

“I have been working in the beauty industry for quite some time (hair and makeup). Because of this place, I added microblading to my list of services, and let me tell you: I have no regrets! There aren’t many microblading technicians around, so I don’t have problems getting clients. Which I also learned from OPM, how to get clients for microblading.

I really highly recommend going here because the lessons are straight to the point and you really feel that the instructors want you to learn. Nancy was my favorite instructor, she was very helpful and patient and she understands if you’re nervous at first (like me).”
Jeanine Goodman, California

“Came here for training because they offer organic microblading, and I don’t regret it. I think it is incredibly important to offer alternatives to the old kind of microblading where your eyebrows end up looking that ugly blue or green. Organic microblading is great for the more health and environment conscious. And nobody knows organic microblading like OPM. I am very grateful to Nancy and Lorine for their help. Recommend this training school to everyone !”

— Joana Garcia, California

Come study with us today! Check out our full list of microblading training classes here.

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